Golden Time at a Glance

golden time ep 1

More like Bronze Time, amirite?

Ah, dear. This wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, honestly – if Toradora was the show that was technically harem but developed itself organically such that it didn’t feel like harem, the set-up of a potential harem-y situation was done so obviously that I felt as if I was moving along on a fixed track while watching.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this show so far (mind you, of course its only been one episode), as there are some elements I really enjoyed, but a lot of things which pushed me away a good bit. Koko’s energy and blissful lack of awareness were a lot of fun, but her obsessive contortion of her life to Mitsuo’s was dismaying even before one stops to consider that Mitsuo’s misery at it is played for laughs, or that if Koko were “ugly” we’d be laughing at her, not at him – remember, boys, if a pretty girl stalks you, and you don’t like it, its funny because you’re supposed to see her ample bosom, endless legs, and tiny waist and just be so thrilled about the sex you’re going to have.

I’ll admit I did laugh when Koko popped out of the taxi to smack Mitsuo with the roses, it being such an absurd scene on the whole, and when the humor gets away from “lol, Mitsuo’s upset because Koko stalks him!”, its fairly decent. Banri becoming lost because he tried following two classmates since they were taking a short-cut was pretty amusing, probably all the more so since its the sort of thing I think many of us could end up doing. And Banri’s infatuation with Koko is funny when contrasted against Mitsuo’s reactions to her, as is his feeble defense of her in the face of Mitsuo’s stories – especially considering Banri has actually had the chance to witness what she’s like and isn’t just hearing it all second-hand.

Taken together, though, I was considering dropping Golden Time after I finished the first episode. However, the cliffhanger at the end did make me curious enough that I’ll give episode two a go, although I don’t see myself hanging in here for the duration. If anything, the cliffhanger paired with the aforementioned “harem track” nature of the episode conjured up harem shows where people universally seem to have tragic pasts (at the ripe old age of fifteen), and I don’t really feel up for that this time around. I’m not too down about the prospect of dropping this, though, as I can always re-watch Toradora instead.

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4 Responses to Golden Time at a Glance

  1. Mentar says:

    Not sure what you sensed, but Golden Time most definitely is _not_ a harem. It’s a fairly sensitive romance story in a more grown-up setting. Very different to Toradora, which was a high school comedy first and foremost.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      All the more reason to criticize the direction in this episode, because it certainly felt like a harem the way they introduced the female characters (of course, didn’t help that they’re pretty standard types).

      • supervamp78t says:

        Yeah you have your prioritizes off or either you haven’t seen enough harem anime to know how things run, usually when the girls are introduced they are bombarding the main character and always end up fighting over him at some point.
        Watch oni ai and you’ll see what I mean
        This came off as a pretty standard with some quirks romantic comedy

  2. Well I liked it quite a bit. Though I’m basing it on very little. It’s mostly a mixture of potential seen and basic like of the characters. I actually liked seeing a college setting as opposed to a middle or high school setting. And the way the characters interact seem to be pretty organic (aside from Mitsuo and Koko’s disaster of a relationship). But no two anime fans have exactly the same likes, so I hope you can bear with it a little longer, though I can understand if you weren’t impressed.

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