Samurai Flamenco at a Glance

samurai flamenco ep 1

From zero to hero?

Alright, so I had no idea of what I was going to get from this show, and, really, that didn’t matter when it came to deciding whether to watch it or not – that title alone definitely drew my attention. Its probably the best title for an anime out of any of the shows that aired this year. But, hey, a title’s just a title, so how is the show, anyway?

Well… while I did like this first episode a bit, I’m doubtful about it being able to stretch itself across twenty-two episodes. I suppose I’m also a little leery since it feels a lot like Tiger & Bunny, which was half-decent show, but which also flubbed things quite frequently over the course of its run. There certainly is a similarity in the dynamic between the leads so far, although here we have the younger of the two men as the goofy sort, while Kotetsu fulfilled that role in T&B. I’m forecasting the launch of many, many BL doujin out of this show, the fact that one of them has a girlfriend be damned.

I do want to mention the show-within-the-show concerning the masked superhero Harakiri Sunshine, in which the hero’s ultimate attack is apparently him swooping a light saber of some sort across his abdomen. Really. I do wish it were a real show, as that is certainly something I could watch – I’m sort of envisioning the crew who worked on G Gundam doing it.

Actually, this whole thing just feels a lot like it should be a Sunrise show, not a Manglobe one – visually I can detect Manglobe being in the details, as it reminds me of stuff like Michiko to Hatchin, but I still had to remind myself that there was no Hajime Yatate on patrol here.

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