Week in Review, 10/19 – 10/26

galilei donna 3

The wrong side of the law.

Yeah, didn’t really watch much this week… plan to give Kyousogiga a go at last later today since I’ve been interested in it, and since Crunchyroll’s pick up of it makes it really easy to watch. Otherwise, I’m down to Beyond the Boundary, Galilei Donna, and Samurai Flamenco for shows this season.

Beyond the Boundary, ep. 3

“You don’t get it!”

“No, YOU don’t get it!”

Add two cups of teens with troubled, supernatural pasts, and a passel of sighs from myself.

I still sort of like Beyond the Boundary, and I liked this episode a good deal bit more than last week’s, but some of the elements were fairly irritating. This is likely since I’m not a teenager myself, although I’m sure that the fact that, even as a teenager, I was kind of skeptical of this approach (and of other teenagers, to be honest) generally. Sure, I still held out a tiny hope of a moon cat telling me I was a magical girl until I was about sixteen, but I wasn’t big on illusions of specialness. If anything, I felt persistently guilty for the unhappiness I possessed and felt I didn’t ‘deserve’ to feel that way.

Ahem, but enough of that.

While believable, people insisting to each other that the other could NEVER EVER understand is rather boring to me. That it plays into moe tropes about space cadet girls who are utterly unperceptive doesn’t help matters much. I wish Mirai were a bit less dense and klutzy.

I’ve got a post percolating on this show at the moment, so I’ll hold off on digging into some other stuff I’d like to.

Samurai Flamenco, ep. 3

I think this was the best episode of this show yet – I really enjoyed the fairly understated humor, and I’m happy to see that the story is moving forward rather than sticking to “Masayoshi is idealistic, Goto is exasperated!”. They’re doing a good job of fleshing things out and expanding the cast organically. Honestly, expansion of casts is something anime doesn’t tend to handle terribly well much of the time – witness how common the transfer student trope is.

Not too much else to say here at the moment. Pretty sure that there are in-universe slash shippers rooting for Masayoshi and the guy who plays Red Axe, by the way, based on that healthy blush at the variety show, heh.

Galilei Donna, ep. 3

The clear favorite of titles running this season by a long shot. I continue to adore Galilei Donna, and some of the dumber mistakes just didn’t surface this week (i.e. none of the stupidity about geocentrism). I am thrilled beyond belief to have a show with a core cast of girls and women who are by and large competent and capable.

By the way, Galilei Donna is a good example of why having more than just a token female character is an important thing. For all that Hozuki and Anna, and Hazuki to a lesser extent, have been on top of things and sharp, Kazuki clearly is not handling what has happened terribly well. I take no issue with this because she is just one of a few depictions of a female character here, though – it’d be more surprising if she did take it well, really, given the basic characterization she’s had thus far. Put differently, its cool to have a show where the women don’t all react in the same fashion to the same things since women are not a monolith.

Another little detail I liked – the elder sisters can’t read Japanese, apparently… sort of like they were raised in Italy and not Japan! I’m looking at you, half-Japanese teenager characters raised abroad who all speak perfect Japanese!

This show also appeals to me in the way that Outlaw Star and the first Tenchi TV series did – journey in a ship with some bad guys on your tail! I love this sort of thing! (And like in Tenchi TV, everyone’s been fraudulently labeled a criminal!)

So, yeah, I LOVE this show. Could’ve done without that unnecessary scene of Hazuki walking in on Kazuki in the bath, although at least we didn’t see anything.

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2 Responses to Week in Review, 10/19 – 10/26

  1. Hitokiri says:

    But they DID give us a nice close-up of Kazuki putting on her underwear to make up for that. Though the walk-in scene didn’t bother me to begin with, I was kind of amused to see that scene played slightly differently.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I suppose the underwear scene didn’t bother me much because it was a decent demonstration of just how totally out of her element Kazuki is. I don’t think the other scene would’ve irritated me if it hadn’t had the line about them being sisters, so it was okay. Just felt odd.

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