Daimidaler the Sound Robot at a Glance

daimidaler the sound robot ep 1

What a piece of shit.

So, there’s a lot to hate here… in fact, there is SO much to hate here that the damn show currently has a sub-6.00 rating on MAL, which really is quite the feat, especially so early in the game. I could talk about the ugly designs, the sexual harassment, the overuse of stupid jargon… and, yeah, the sexual harassment is through the roof and troubling. But the primary sin of Daimidaler is that it is horrifically dull. That a show can have a premise like this (Penguin Empire! mecha has lots of hair! Hi-Ero Particles!) and somehow wind up being more boring than a bucket of sand is really quite impressive in some ways, although certainly not in any way that makes a person feel like watching it any further.

There are mech shows. There are ecchi shows. If anime characters sexually harassing each other is your thing, there are literally hundreds, nay, thousands of other things you could be watching. If you like mech shows, ditto! And if you like ecchi mech shows? Dozens of other examples rattling around out there! Why trouble yourself with such a boring-ass effort as displayed here? And it isn’t even as if the “comedic” parts are terribly funny, either – this is the sort of stuff you may’ve uttered a small snort over when you were eleven, but even that may be giving it too much credit. Want a comedy that involves sex jokes? Well, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was pretty crude and frequently quite funny, AND it isn’t borderline eye-scarring! Hell, even Seitokai Yakuindomo is a better bet than this foolishness. This is the sort of show that things penguins sporting front tails (HEE HEE THEY LOOK LIKE DICKS!) is a clever and hilarious joke.

By the way, the episode caps with a joke about how the only reason that the lead dude didn’t rape the lead girl in the cockpit of the hideous robot was that she bashed his forehead in with a wrench. Attempted rape is hilariousThere’s an endless parade of groping and panty-shots and skirt flipping otherwise. A girl comments, “Even elementary school kids don’t do this anymore!” and it seems a pretty apt comment; I can just see a ten year old looking at the lead with pure derision over his sophomoric antics. And, hey, he gets in the criticism of the school guidance counselor’ss boobs, which he deems “over-large” – a nickel says she’s depicted in a wholly unflattering manner going forward for daring to be a woman older than twenty-five who isn’t married, pregnant, and not working. Women like that are just suuuuper gross.

But, yeah, really? This thing is so fucking boring! What the fuck! BORING. Ugh! Dropped!

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