Dai☆Shogun – Great Revolution at a Glance

dai shogun ep 1 Let the dick-snipping commence!

SO I want to caution from the get-go that I seem to be seriously in the minority opinion-wise about this show, so although it should go without saying, ~this is only my opinion~.

Once upon a time the Black Ships, a.k.a. Commodore Perry and his merry gang, were driven away from Japan, and the place never opened up. The Meiji Restoration also has yet to or will never occur. Meanwhile, someone got a memo from Sakura Wars and now there are steam-powered mechs helpfully on-hand. Keiichirou is a delinquent grandson of a bath-house owner who wants to conquer all of Japan by fighting, but never wants to kill anyone. He’s managed to take over Nagasaki insofar as gang territory is concerned but is only dissatisfied by it since now no one wants to fight him. Then he gets accused of being responsible for a series of murders that may or may not involve dick chopping, and ultimately it leads to him having a mech of his own… that he utterly fails to pilot in this first episode.

Dai☆Shogun is hilarious. It also seems to have a pretty awful budget; is isn’t, exactly, that the animation is bad as that its… kind of weird. Put less kindly, its cheaply done, although I’m a bit hesitant to say that – you don’t have any moments of off-model hell, but there are a lot of shortcuts taken visually.

There are boobs everywhere. There are implications that in this universe one’s hair becoming erect is indicative of horniness. The lead passes out when he comes into contact with breasts. The mech’s entry system is such that the mech eats its pilots to get them into the cockpit. Did I mention all the boobs?

It feels weird to see so many folks trashing this show on the grounds of it being poorly directed and stupid since it comes across as being quite self-aware. Keiichirou’s grandmother decrees that only a virgin from his family can pilot the mech, Susanoo, which is an amusing inversion of the zillion shows wherein the heroine is solemnly told she can’t have sex yet lest she be unable to follow in her family’s ancient tradition or be unable to utilize powers that will help save the day. The bumbling cop isn’t just clueless but actively distorts facts to suit his own ideas. The grandmother’s ninja get-up is just as cleavage-baring as the get-ups of the young, cheesecake-y women’s are. And then there’s the whole matter of being unable to get the mech moving, surely a reflection of how paralyzing Keiichirou’s virgin status is to him (a character helps to establish his TRUE identity by placing his hand on her breast, and he faints, proving he is who he is supposed to be because he’s a virgin). I can see why this wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but dismissing it as being badly put together seems wrong-headed at best.

Anyway, glad it got picked up for streaming, because I quite liked it.

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  1. Artemis says:

    I don’t think the show is awful so much as just completely not my thing. I actually quite dislike it when people confuse “not my cup of tea” with “genuinely terrible” – these two things might often appear side by side, but they’re hardly the same as each other. Regardless, I won’t be watching any more of this – I went in wondering if it’d be akin to the wonderful Sengoku Basara, and am happy to just leave it alone now that I know it isn’t.

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