Week in Review, 5/5 – 5/11

kanoflag ep 5

I didn’t really watch much this week. I’ve been binging a good bit lately, so I might just be hitting a bit of a dead space on the medium. It’ll pass soon enough, of course.

I’m down to three shows for the season, so it seems a bit silly to bother ranking them.

Kanoflag ep. 5

I really do wish this show would dispense with the ~dark~ and ~mysterious~ crap it has lurking toward the beginning and ends of each episode. It doesn’t fit with the overall tone at all, and it makes me worried that this part of the content is only going to expand as the show progresses in a feeble attempt to make this into something greater than a fairly standard harem show. I’m perfectly happy to just watch these idiots flop around every episode like the pack of dim bulbs that they are, honestly. I’m not even bothered by the girls all competing for the loser lead since they’re no prizes themselves. Next episode apparently will involve lolis, though. Ugh.

M3, ep. 1-2

Wow, this was garbage. Utterly mediocre grimdark + robots crap capped off with a super-shitty lead who is a super shithead to the people around him. Too bad this isn’t Ga-Rei-Zero, so I’m guessing we will actually be stuck with him for the duration of the series. I’m not sticking around for that, though, since I’ve really had enough of his nasty misogyny. If the lead does happen to get hit by a snowplow and dies, though, please let me know.

Escaflowne, ep. 21

The demise of the sisters felt rather abrupt, in part because they smooshed together their deaths and the rehabilitation of their characters into one episode. I really had no sentiments toward them anyway, as the bits we saw of their backstory and their relationship with Folken were pretty run of the mill and not terribly interesting (and, no, it doesn’t matter that this show is nearly twenty years old, this trope was old as shit in 1950). I’m sort of losing interest in this show, so I better binge it this coming weekend or I may not finish it.

Haikyuu, ep. 6

Much better episode than the previous, even if the practice match is getting stretched to two episodes. For all the time spent by other characters trying to reassure and motivate Hinata, it felt like a hell of a lot less time was spent with motivational speeches this time, perhaps because Hinata’s reaction to all of it was to get sick as a dog.

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