This Blog Isn’t Dead Yet, I Just Napped Through its 6th Birthday

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But, hey, you should know it isn’t, I just did a post before this one!

I had some really great intentions to do a post for my dear blog’s sixth birthday, honestly! I even jotted down a few notes, and I have perhaps jotted notes for posts twice in the entire history of this blog (by now you’re all familiar with my approach – sit down, type and type and type, don’t ever worry about proofreading, and send it out to the universe; does it flow at all? WHO CARES, IT’S DONE, POST IT). But, hey, ~job~ and all that jazz, so now its over a month later. Whoops.

…ok, doing overtime and having military training is about two-thirds of it, but the final third is that I discovered all of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on Hulu and have been using much of my spare time to watch that. Oh! And the Love Live smartphone game. I’m secretly really into rhythm games, so this has turned out to be fairly addictive to me. But, yeah, Sabrina on Hulu! If you’re American, hop on it! Its held up shockingly well on the whole. (I used to watch it with my dad, have been trying to get him to watch it with my again; he thinks that her aunts are hot.)

But, yes, my blog has managed to make it to age six. It certainly isn’t what it was in its youthful years (which I guess in the world of aniblogging would be when it was eighteen months to two years old), but I’m still here, it’s still here, and a lot of the blogs I used to like reading that popped up roughly around the same time this did have long since gone quiet – a couple don’t even exist as dead blogs at their old URLs, which is too bad.

My blog has been around long enough at this point that its title makes it pretty dated. I actually have to explain it sometimes to newer fans. I’ll admit that this is mildly alarming to me, but, hey, so it goes. I’ve toyed with the idea of re-naming it (and if I ever did, it would definitely be named after either a Symphogear attack name or a G Gundam attack name – don’t you dare tell me that Murder Volcano is a rotten name for an anime blog), but I am fairly partial to its original name even if less and less people “get” it. Maybe I’ll just have to make the banner a tile of Yukito in the stegosaurus shirt instead of it being Master Asia ad nauseum.

Then again, Fate/Stay Night is getting a remake, will we see a return of GAR? Of course, what ufotable should be doing is making a twelve episode series of Saber and Irisviel getting married and raising Illyasviel, with Saber working as a bodyguard and getting a few other hot suits like she rocks in Fate/Zero. I would watch the hell out of that! I will not watch the hell out of, or even watch, Fate/Stay Night.

So I do plan on keeping to continue blogging, although I’m never going to be doing so at the level I did while I was in college. At the same time, I want to be doing it more often than I have over the last couple of months. I do like blogging, generally, and I’m really glad I have an anime blog and have had an anime blog for a while. Blogging anime ended up giving me a community I wouldn’t’ve had otherwise, and I’ve come to count several folks as close friends because of that. I’ll admit to being more of a loner than not in real life (which I think might surprise some of you reading this); I don’t really naturally gravitate toward others, and even online it took a bit of prodding and cajoling to actually interact with other bloggers  outside of the comment section of blog posts here at this blog or on other blogs. (I am the sort of person who travels alone, and then doesn’t have a full conversation with another person for two weeks. It isn’t shyness, I just frequently don’t feel the need for it.) Nevertheless, even for a loner it is nice to have that community, and I like having friends with whom I can discuss anime but also other things that have nothing to do with anime. (And, hey, I also managed to meet my fiance through anime blogging, which was pretty nice.)

I’m also glad I took up anime blogging because I do think its given a depth to my fanhood I’m not entirely convinced it would’ve developed otherwise. Writing posts about anime did force me to start looking at it all a bit more deeply than I would’ve otherwise, and it also made me keep reading what other people were writing on their own blogs, too. Am I still maybe watching anime because of blogging, too? I wonder if this might be the case, although I’m not convinced it is. It certainly hasn’t hurt, that’s for sure.

I suppose on some level all of this might be to say – if you’re considering taking up blogging, go for it. My advice, though, in doing so is to not force yourself to do posts when you plain don’t feel like it. Making blogging a job will just make it not much fun to blog (of course, if you’re interested in making it your job, well, that’s a slightly different story). You’ll probably manage to meet some rad people, you’ll definitely manage to pick up some weird trolls (and at this point I encourage a strenuous ban policy!), and you’ll definitely end up watching some shows you never would’ve touched otherwise.

Well, I’ve more or less worn myself out on this one. I was taking a tea break from moving around furniture (#adultlife) and used it as an excuse to finally get this post up here, but I’ve got half a cup of cold tea left, so clearly its time to move along. As a last note, I will be blogging the second season of Free this summer, and in the same format as I did with the first season. Its kind of funny how a show that I’d probably just have mildly liked and not thought much of had it had a different sport at its center ended up being so memorable and enjoyable for me to blog simply for focusing on a sport I did for twelve years. Genuinely looking forward to it! Do wish a bit that they were on a college team, though, still.

And, in case anyone cares, the only shows I stuck with in spring were Haikyuu, Akuma no Riddle, and, yes, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara. Impeccable taste forever and ever.

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8 Responses to This Blog Isn’t Dead Yet, I Just Napped Through its 6th Birthday

  1. Caraniel says:

    Oh wow congrats! But feck, 6 years already? Honestly doesn’t feel that long, but I probably shouldn’t be surprised since my blog’s 5th birthday is next month…..where on earth has the time gone!?

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Our blog’s are growing up, uguu – they are no longer moe!

      One of these days, would love to co-blog a show again with you, if we ever get anything as engrossing as Shiki again.

      • Caraniel says:

        Poor un-moe blogs resolutely avoiding the retirement home – still life in them yet!

        Really hope there is a series that can capture our interest the way Shiki did – that really was my favourite time as a blogger, we had so much fun!

  2. Artemis says:

    Wow, six years! That’s something to be quite proud of, I think – mine’s barely past its first. Well done you. 🙂

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Man, bro, what does that make you? You were one of my first commenters!

  3. Heh, if pressed and unable to look it up I wouldn’t even remember the actual date my blog started. And I’m glad to see there are still some people that still understand the phrase “GAR” and where it comes from. Remember when “epic” was used for everything, or all the young kids loved that Shakugan no Shana?

    Anyway, congrats on your blog being old enough to… ride a bike without training wheels? I don’t know, I’m lost on a good analogy or metaphor right now.

  4. schneider says:

    My blog is also approaching its sixth year, but I haven’t written anything since the start of the Spring season. I feel like writing again, thanks to this post!

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