Bakumatsu Rock at a Glance

bakumatsu rock eo 1

Basara Nekki he is not.

Mostly because I think Basara would look fairly askance at Ryouma Sakamoto’s music, although a few of their biographical details certainly are shared, as people don’t really like Ryouma’s music to start off with.

Bakumatsu Rock is more or less what you would get if you dropped a Basara who made J-pop into feudal Japan, then added a dash of AKB0048 and a lump of Uta no Prince-sama… and Kamigami no Asobi’s penchant for dissolved/exploding clothing. Which is more or less to say this show is fantastic.

There is, though, not very much to say about it. The characters themselves are pretty stock types, and the music is, predictably, awful… granted, the music being awful is one of the draws of it. The animation has some pretty sharp moments but is largely nothing to write home about. I suppose it is worth noting that this is one of those rare anime that don’t set the Shinsengumi up as the heroes of the piece, a penchant which itself is something which has always struck me as rather intriguing given that the Shinsengumi were fighting against the end of feudalism. Nope, these Shinsengumi are just government-propped up idol singers, and our good guys are mildly rebellious rockers who just want to bring new music to their world! Its a little refreshing to have such an irreverent take on the final years of the bakufu. I may have enjoyed the likes of Peacemaker Kurogane, but there’s something to be said for canning the super-serious tone in favor of goofiness.

Anyone who liked Utapri will probably be hideously thrilled by this one, but I can’t see this one as appealing outside of its intended audience.

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