Glasslip at a Glance

glasslip ep 1


So, Glasslip wasn’t the first thing I watched from this season, and it wasn’t even the second thing I watched this season, but I loathed it so thoroughly that I just want to get this out of the way and wash my hands of it.

Glasslip is typical P.A. Works crap. You’ve got the high school students, tradition, the burgeoning love entanglements, a bucolic town, and the “photorealistic” (read: boring) approach to art. There’s also the teenaged boy who seems to be making very painful attempts to be ~mysterious~ and ~deep~ but who just smacks of pretension and a back case of chuunibyou.┬áThe characters are all boring. Didn’t this already get made and called “Tari Tari”? But where Tari Tari had some decent elements, this was fairly bereft of any. The only bit that worked for me was when the primary heroine, Touko, looks at an unfamiliar boy and says, “David?” as Michaelangelo’s David is zipped past the screen (sadly he has been neutered since last we saw him); I snorted at that.

I actually did like the girl with the silly hair bow at first, as she has a pretty no-nonsense type of attitude, but then she was making pissy faces about her brother having a crush on Touko and I was all, “Lol fuck this.” And this coming from an avid fan of incest in my anime!

I found this first episode to be completely obnoxious. Roughly the first five minutes of the show are devoted to people oohing and ahhing over fireworks, which is as much of a snoozefest as it sounds like. (Granted, it doesn’t help that I hate fireworks.) Having the characters start to develop past that does nothing to improve things, though. Toward the end of the fireworks sequence, a conversation takes place in which its discussed whether they’ll be able to watch the fireworks together again like that, and Touko is quite insistent that they will. It wouldn’t be novel, but a better anime would’ve at this point jumped ahead five years, shown us that this didn’t pan out, then work to bring them back together and fill us in on the hows and whys as to their separation. But, hey, that sure as hell isn’t this show.

If you’re a P.A. Works junkie, there’s a decent chance you’ll still love this one, although it may taste like warmed-up leftovers from other shows of theirs. Oh, and if you were hoping for some cool glass-blowing action… el oh el, we got roughly a minute and a half of that. Swing and a miss.

By the way, what was up with all the girls having extremely long hair but not pulling it back in the hot weather? Now that’s just stupid.

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