Sword Art Online II at a Glance

sao II

Hurr hurr

So, Sword Art Online II episode one. 0% lady!Kirito (Kiriko?), 100% weird vaginal bulge, 100% boring exposition. Fuck. Awful show.











In all seriousness, though, there’s absolutely nothing here to draw in a new viewer, and I say that as someone who has watched absolutely no SAO to this point. This episode has a lot of jargon in it, and the characters are ciphers at best – yeah, we can get that Kirito is apparently a gaming badass, but you can’t sense any inner life to him. Yeah, I know, this is a sequel, but its a new season, they can’t just plunk the characters down and then grin at the audience in expectation; come on! Give new viewers a reason to care about these teenagers!

But, fuck, man, bros! 0% lady!Kirito for real!?!?! Shit, that’s the only reason I watched this stupid thing! Fuck it, I’m taking my Premium Crunchyroll Membership and going home, ugh, fuck this…







P.S. – The scene in the restaurant with Kirito ordering oishii keeki, damn, bros, now was that yaoi waiting to happen or what? But, nope, this is probably just gonna all be Otoboku if Otoboku took place in a virtual reality online game.

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