Sailor Moon SuperS Episode Three

sailor moon supers ep 3c

Faces that only a mother could love.

In this episode, the plot grinds a tiny bit forward, but not before we get to watch Hawk’s Eye in action for the first time – going after Usagi’s mother, no less. I had a decent little summary of the episode typed up that unfortunately got eaten by the internet, and I have no true desire to re-type it. So, I’ll stick to the barebones – Chibiusa and Usagi fight over lemon pie, then Usagi fights with her mother about Chibiusa’s behavior, and she runs off to sulk. At the house, Chibiusa comes around on Usagi after talking to Ikuko a bit, and they go to get ingredients to make another lemon pie. Usagi herself comes around after the inner senshi more or less tell her to stop being an immature brat over the whole thing. Returning from the store, Chibiusa and Ikuko come across Hawk’s Eye, who pretends to mistake Ikuko for his long-lost (fake) mother. After he attacks, Usagi and Chibiusa transform and the rest of the crew shows up, only for all of their attacks to be useless against Hawk’s Eye and his Lemure. Luckily, Pegasus saves everyone’s asses by giving a permanent power-up to Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon, and also by giving them the Crystal Carillon and the Kaleidomoon Scope. Hawk’s Eye goes home bummed out.

This was the first time I broke out the dub, as Usagi makes a remark during her argument with her mother about how she’s heard that being too close to your kids can make your relationship with your husband chill down. I couldn’t imagine Cloverway retaining this in the dub, so of course I had to check it out, and in the dub its changed to just another generic line involving Usagi accusing her mother of caring more about Chibiusa. I was a little shocked to hear how bad the voice acting was in the scene; I recalled not being too big on the dub voice for Serena for S and SuperS, but it was much worse than I remembered. Going back and comparing with the voice acting in the DiC dub I have to actually give that dub credit for being fairly solid on that front (although Amy and Luna are badly cast in terms of type of voice), although Cloverway was much more faithful when it came to scripting and, well, keeping episodes intact overall. Actually, scratch that – DiC didn’t keep episodes intact at all and Cloverway did, it really is as simply put as that.

Hawk’s Eye gives us some more nasty material about women, as he explains his preference for them since he says they’re easier to trick and that they’re more accepting, the implication being that once a lady isn’t a hot young thing she can’t be choosy and is easily snowballed if an attractive younger man pays her any heed. But, hey, we’ve already established that the Amazon Trio is pretty shitty about women, huh? I’m getting really curious to watch Fisheye in action given his complete lack of interest in women.

Ikuko is the first victim who is unconscious when her Dream Mirror is looked into – maybe it was a bit too much to do the rape imagery with the most prominent mom in the show. And speaking of Ikuko as a mother, we get back to the parallels set up between Usagi and Chibiusa again as both of them basically have two mothers, one in the present (Ikuko), and one in another time (Queen Serenity of the Silver Millenium, of course, and none other than Neo-Queen Serenity herself).

Its saddening for Ikuko to talk about her dream of seeing both Usagi and Chibiusa getting married some day because its a reminder of how the series never really engages with the larger implications regarding Usagi’s parents, and specifically her mother. We never have any idea of what ultimately happens to Ikuko, or Usagi’s dad, or Shingo. We can guess that they likely do not get to have longer lifespans like the senshi do because its pretty clear that they don’t have any affiliation themselves somehow with the Silver Millenium. So Ikuko will never see Chibiusa get married, and may, in fact, not get to retain her memories of Chibiusa’s time with the family anyway, since to leave them in place would make it quite puzzling when Usagi does have Chibiusa and the girl starts to look exactly like distant family relation Chibiusa as she ages. This is honestly an angle that’s always really troubled me about the series; it seems cruel and unfair to consign Usagi’s family to the dustbin like this. (I also find it troubling that Naru and Umino suffer the same fate, but its not quite as unsettling as it is with the Tsukino family.)

The final thing I want to touch on is that we’ve got more of what makes Sailor Moon SuperS not work as well as previous seasons. I’d previously stated that Pegasus doesn’t really fit into the mythos so far of Sailor Moon, and that he ends up being the source of new power doesn’t help matters. Up to this point, new powers in this show have come from the Moon in some fashion, be it thanks to Queen Serenity, or from Usagi’s own inner strength, or from Luna, and this gets broken here with Pegasus flying out of the sky to take care of it. It grates even harder because it isn’t even a one-time thing, either – Sailor Moon doesn’t get a new wand and can now use it whenever, each time Sailor Chibi Moon is going to have to summon Pegasus so that Sailor Moon can use her own damn wand. And did I mention how time-consuming this process is? Yikes, as if the battles weren’t repetitive enough already! Not a great move.

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