Sailor Moon SuperS Episode Six

sailor moon supers ep 6d

Here comes the most adorable fake lovechild ever!

In this episode, ~wackiness~ ensues when Artemis is caught supposedly gawking at a pretty Catholic sister (the subtitles refer to her as a nun, but as nuns are all cloistered, Artemis and Tiger’s Eye are the ones on the money when they call her ‘sister’), and then is mistakenly believed to have had a love child when Diana, a grey kitten who can talk and bears a crescent moon on her forehead, appears. Artemis spends the episode being repeatedly punished by the girls around him as Tiger’s Eye schemes to check the aforementioned sister’s Dream Mirror for Pegasus, and Luna stubbornly pretends she doesn’t care what Artemis does. When Tiger’s Eye attacks, Artemis attempts to defend the sister and ends up getting kicked around. In the interest of fully fluffing up the episode’s actual content, both Tuxedo Mask and Pegasus manage to get involved before the Lemures is defeated. Afterward, Chibiusa clears up the confusion about Diana, identifying her as the future daughter of Artemis and Luna, and Artemis explains that he was actually gawking at the church and wishing that cats could get married in it.

If I sound a bit nasty about this episode, it’s because this is a pretty crappy episode, and I’ve grown bored with watching the two heterosexual members of the Amazon Trio do their thing as there isn’t a huge amount of variation at this point. Tiger’s Eye has a line about how he deserves love, the implication being that he deserves it merely for existing and being male. He also states that he is targeting the Catholic sister because “the higher the mountain, the more the feeling of conquest.” Do I really need to hash that line? At this point, I don’t think so.

sailor moon supers ep 6c

We do get some more interesting direction visually than is usually the case with Sailor Moon, as you can see in the above screencap. Granted, it’s interesting compared to Sailor Moon’s usual visual direction, and Sailor Moon is absolutely of the usual Toei stripe rather than something like Kyousogiga (although Akira Ishida does do vocal work in both!). Still, it did catch my attention.

The glimpses of the circus in this episode remind me quite a bit of the scenes in the first half of Tenshi ni Narumon/I Wanna Be an Angel! involving the villains of the show, whom themselves have a circus-type theme (or, really, a Punch and Judy feel, which itself tends to feel circus-y, and makes sense in this case given that there are quite a number of humorous moments involving the Trio that tend toward that sort of humor, i.e. clownish, or, as it seems we define this in animated works, ‘cartoonish’). Makes sense given that a few of the folks who worked on SuperS later worked on that show. (Tenshi ni Narumon is a fairly mediocre show but I do think its worth checking out if you really liked Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu, as people from both of those staffs worked on it. It has some very good moments where you can see the influence of Revolutonary Girl Utena and can also see some of the nascent ideas for Princess Tutu, too, and its a bit thrilling to catch these. It also does scratch a tiny bit at some larger philosophical questions, although it never gets very deeply into it. Oh, and as long as I mentioned Akira Ishida before, he voices a would-be angel here named Mikhail. But, again – not a good show, so can’t blame me if you suffer by it.)

I’m really grasping at straws. Even though this episode introduces Diana, there’s no reason to bother with it – its not like Diana gets much screentime, anyway, and Diana in the anime is more or less a nonentity. I’m starting to feel a bit daunted since we’re already 15% done with the show and we haven’t even had the senshi be targets yet (and I know they will be, by the Trio themselves, too), so I better power through before I stall out and drop this blogging project.


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