Magic Kaitou 1412 at a Glance

kaitou kid ep 1 c

Aww yeah, check out that fourteen year old butt!

So! Kaitou Kid is basically Batman is Batman were a smarmy teenager who could do magic tricks, enjoyed sexually harassing his childhood friend and his teacher, and stole gems… oh, and if his mom wasn’t dead and his dad was killed in a magic stunt gone wrong and not by a robber! So, uh, yeah, actually, not much beyond the two having a secret identity, having a sweet car hidden in some cavern beneath their home, and having an older man as a servant who is fully aware of what they are up to. BUT I really did think of Batman immediately when the protagonist, Kaitou (really?), got unceremoniously and suddenly dumped beneath his home into his dad’s old lair.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen until about halfway through the first episode. The first half itself consists nearly entirely of Kaitou looking at his “friend” Aoko’s underpants and then telling the class what color they are, then followed by him doing the same to his teacher. What a charmer! And if you hadn’t had enough of that, we get a flashback to a magic show of his father’s when Kaitou was a little kid in which Aoko points out that just because his dad is cool doesn’t mean he is, too, and his immediate reaction is to try to yank her skirt up. What the fuck, kid, you’re five fucking years old! Holy shit! Thankfully good old dad pops along to tell him to cut that shit out, although it apparently didn’t have much of an effect given what high schooler Kaitou is up to.

Someone more or less said to me when I expressed distaste for this stuff, well, what’d I expect from a show adapted from an 80’s shounen manga? But the fact is that a conscious decision was to retain these scenes in the anime; this didn’t have to be kept from the source material. We could easily have gotten that Kaitou’s an annoying shit in many other ways – Shirou at the very end of Fate/Zero comes to mind, for example, and he definitely wasn’t sexually harassing anyone there (he saves that for his adolescence, of course). But, nope, let’s spend HALF of the first episode on sexual harassment “humor”. Cool.

Its also too bad that they stuck with that since the second half of the episode is fairly decent. Its fairly boilerplate phantom thief stuff, but I like phantom thief shows and they’ve gotten pretty rare (Milky Holmes doesn’t exactly count). I also liked some of the visuals (although the noses, dear lord) in terms of framing, and I really loved the way the sequence was composed when Kaitou Kid, his fake, and the police were counting down the final seconds to the claimed appearance time.

kaitou kid ep 1 b

But, ugh! That first half was putrid! I’m still willing to try it because, again, phantom thief, but I won’t be able to keep with this show if its going to be heeeeelarious sexual harassment for half its runtime (or even a tenth of it). Of course, then again, Kaitou himself is fairly obnoxious even when he isn’t doing running commentary on underwear, soooo this might get dropped in a couple of weeks. Too bad, guess I’ll watch Daughter of Twenty Faces or Kaitou St. Tail instead.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Magic Kaito franchise already has around 12 episodes that cover the same material that this series will probably cover. Its called Detective Conan: Kid the Phantom Thief. They were specials made when the Detective Conan anime (same author) needed filler material.

    I personally preferred that 1st special compared to this first episode. They didn’t stick with the painful panty jokes for too long like A-1 chose to do and the animation was just as good. Thankfully the sexual harassment jokes ceased after the first special if I recall correctly and Kaito becomes a more responsible person, still a jerk though.

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