Ushinawareta wo Motomete at a Glance

waremete ep 1 b

Aww yeah, I want a piece of that hottie!

I love how in this opening episode one of the girls is shown gazing at the male protagonist, and then it cuts to this shot of the guy. He looks so doofy! I guess winged cupid really is painted blind.

I gave Waremete a go since I occasionally crave a fairly bland VN adaptation in my life, and specifically, too, since the PV and description made it seem that Waremete would feel throwback-y. Its hard to explain. It isn’t quite nostalgia, although I did like Kanon back in the day (although I seriously doubt I would now), but that’s the closest concept I can think of. Maybe its just that feeling of when a lot of anime still felt fresh? VN adaptations like this were pretty common back when I was doing the whole ‘watch stuff as it airs!’ thing for the first time, or at least that’s how I recall it. Ah well, I don’t think I can really explain why I’d touch a show like this, so let’s just roll on.

This actually… wasn’t bad. I expected to drop it mid-episode, and I didn’t. I even liked some of it! I in particular liked the scenes preceding the time-twist at the end of the episode, awful pink CG bus notwithstanding. The confession scene was awkward, as I’d expect from a pair of teenagers who’ve been deliberately avoiding the matter for a while, the spluttering for words in response and the expression of having not said the right thing perfect. And even though I could sense nothing remarkable about the male lead, I was sold on the fact that the lead and his childhood friend were romantically interested in one another. Good job, anime!

On the other hand, there was still a lot of the usual crap one gets out of shows like this, such as one character telling one of the girls that her wish on a falling star should be for boobs. And the turn of events involving the bus was a grab for sentiment that fails utterly to succeed. And, well, even with the “twists” at the end, there’s still nothing noteworthy here since there’s nothing done to establish why we should care about these characters in the first place.

I am going to keep watching, but I also wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. I feel like this is the sort of show where anyone who would be interested in it has either watched it already or is planning to, anyway.

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