Orenchi no Furo Jijo at a Glance

orefuro ep 1

Get some tail.

Reviewing something which had a total runtime, to include OP and ED, of roughly four minutes seems a bit on the foolish side – honestly, wouldn’t it be faster for a person just to watch the thing? But the same could be said of many posts for standard-length episodes, so may as well roll on.

I would categorize this show as more amusing than funny, and only mildly amusing at that. That isn’t to damn the show, though, as I did like it although I wonder about its staying power over the long-run, even when considering its total runtime will be at most fifty-two minutes. At the same time, I’m not fond of the bite-size format, although this is a more general dislike for that approach rather than for Orenchi’s use of it specifically (the only short-length anime I’ve liked to date have been Chi’s Sweet Home, which I marathoned, and Yamishibai). There’s something dissatisfying about having to wait an entire week from episode to episode when the episodes themselves are only four minutes long.

But I did like what there was of Orenchi, even if it wasn’t much. It’s a show centered around a guy having a merman in his bathtub, and there’s the requisite mild amusement and mild homoeroticism to accompany that. If you looked at the title and promo art and said, “Hell yes.”, you will like this show. If you looked at that and gnashed your teeth before wailing about how anime is dying, skip it… but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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