Shirobako at a Glance

shirobako ep 1

The same facening.

Yes, let me just get that out of the way first – hooooly hell are the initial five girls plagued by Same Face Syndrome! Ahem.

Hands down, Shirobako is my favorite show thus far this season. Its as if someone at P.A. Works read the part of my mind reserved for “Every Reason I Hate P.A. Works” and adjusted accordingly. The pastoral setting is gone, we don’t have screechy little high schoolers, there’s no hint of romance, things don’t look like they were all lacquered… I’m still not a big fan of their visual style, but they’ve muted the more excessive aspects of it, and, anyway, I’m simply willing to deal with visuals I’m not really into if the underpinning material is good, which it is here. I got pretty strong Animation Runner Kuromi vibes while watching. I loved that OAV! So, yeah, that’s a good thing.

I’ll admit that prior to airing, I was fairly suspicious of the whole “working in the industry!” angle as Glasslip was so misleading prior to airing, what with the claim that it’d actually have much to do with glassblowing at all. Also, there’s the whole fact that, lol, P.A. Works. P.A. Works and I just don’t do well together; I only ever finished Eccentric Family (and even with that I felt a bit like a spell had been snapped within a couple days of it ending), haven’t lasted more than four episodes into anything else of theirs. But, back to what I originally said – I’m a bit surprised to see that Shirobako actually IS focused on the making of an anime and it isn’t just window dressing for other foolishness. Though I will give credit about the high school scenes – not just cute girls doing cute things, even with the doughnut chant. I think I actually would’ve been okay with this staying in high school based on that, but I’m also glad they pop forward two and a half years to give us Real Live Adults (even if they don’t look any older, which is weird considering how much people change at that age – I also found that extremely jarring in Clannad~After Story~).

Genuinely looking forward to the next episode, and pretty thrilled that I’ve finally found a show this season that I’m on fire about. I was beginning to think this whole season was pretty much a wash for me!

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