BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie at a Glance

bonpati ep 1I shipped them 57 seconds into the episode.

So, quick summary of the premise since this is probably one of the most obscure of the shows that have gotten simulcasts this season. Sayuri Haruno gets to go to a fancy-ass confectionery school on a scholarship in order to pursue her dreams. Unfortunately, when news of her scholarship status reaches the ears of some of her classmates, they go into full asshole mode! Also unfortunate is that, unlike any other school ever, her school bans romantic relationships between teachers and students! (I guess sexual relationships are ok as long as no icky love gets involves!) Sayuri doesn’t really mind even though the teachers are all male and anime!hot. Also, a brash male student thinks Sayuri looks like someone he knows. Based on a cellphone game (that I now want to play).

…I actually liked this a fair bit, certainly much more than I was expecting to considering how short the episodes are and the whole teacher-student romance aspect. Or, maybe I liked it as much as I did due to the format, as with five and a half minutes total there was just enough time to establish that a few of her female classmates are wicked bitchy and classist without going fully overboard.

Actually, I was a bit surprised at how fully classist everything got for about a minute and fifteen seconds. There was the garden variety sneering at the scholarship student, but it was followed up by Sayuri’s Token Female Friend, Ran, accusing the other girls of being nouveau riche for being so crude as to bring up money as a topic of conversation.

That being said, I sincerely doubt that there’ll be much seriousness to be had in this show. I’m hoping the lighthearted nature so far will be enough to let me overlook the fact that this is a show in which 75% of the romantic options are the lead’s teachers. I don’t mind teen characters crushing on older characters since that’s not really so uncommon anyway, but I’m not terribly comfortable with a teacher-student romance. (Name-checking another anime about a “regular” girl at a fancy patissier school, Yumeiro Patisserie handled this all pretty well, as Ichigo clearly had a massive crush on Henri-sensei which he largely overlooked. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS And when he did seem to be returning the attention, turned out he was being sneaky-ass, devious adult and it all felt properly creepy! END SPOILERS END SPOILERS) While I’ve already got my ship of choice, I also can recognize that it has no chance, so here’s hoping the loud redhead boy wins the day.

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3 Responses to BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie at a Glance

  1. I was kinda surprised how much I liked the short episode. The guy character designs are OK but I liked all the different cute fashions all the students wore during the entrance ceremony. Hopefully, it will stay light-hearted and not have the MC have some tragic family history or anything.

  2. Artemis says:

    I… kinda enjoyed this too. It’s ridiculous, but fun – like a super-short version of Ouran at a confectionery school. I can see this is going to be my guilty pleasure of the season.

  3. Caraniel says:

    I totally enjoyed this – shallow and clearly a dating sim, but still enjoyable viewing. Have a bit of a soft spot for these character designs too.

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