Top Five Anime/Anime Year in Review 2014


What a quality year!

Alright, lot of scattered thoughts I’m trying to pull together here, so let’s hit up my top five anime for 2014 first:

  1. Haikyuu
  2. Selector Infected/Spread WIXOSS
  3. Akuma no Riddle
  4. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
  5. Glasslip

Just missing the top five was Witch Craft Works, by the way, which I bring up to say that my approach to watching anime was a bit weird this year. With WIXOSS, Nozaki-kun, Glasslip, and Witch Craft Works, I more or less binge-watched them, and this after they finished airing, or close to when they finished airing. I think my watching habits might be in the midst of shifting more toward this way of watching things and I’m not really sure why. Excepting WCW, too, three of those series were ones where I dropped them very early on (Nozaki-kun after a mere half episode) only to give them another go and discover I liked them quite a bit. Funny how things work out.

On the whole, I don’t think this was a particularly good year for anime, although I wonder if the fact that I finished more shows that aired this year than I have in a single year in a while has something to do with this impression. I finished fourteen shows, fifteen if you will permit the first season of Aldnoah.Zero as a show. This may not sound like very much, but in recent years I’ve been managing more like eight from shows from that year; as anyone familiar with this blog knows, I drop things pretty quickly if it isn’t working for me. I also have an unpleasant habit of letting myself fall behind on things I am actually enjoying for really no reason at all.

I also spent time on a lot of mech shows this year, most of which hailed from previous years. For myself and Gundam, it was the year of the rewatch (Turn A, Wing, X), although I’m not even done with most of those re-watches yet. But I finished Macross 7 this year, too, and watched Do You Remember Love? for non-Gundam, older mecha titles. And! Then there was Argevollen! I do believe this was one of the most useless anime I’ve ever watched. Argevollen brought absolutely nothing new to the table, and, gazing upon it in retrospect, I’m baffled by why it was ever birthed in the first place – it isn’t even as if its an adaptation of a manga that they were hosting to boost sales of. I genuinely feel like it was a complete waste of time to have watched it at all, never mind having watched it to completion.

Then there was Aldnoah.Zero. What a great show! The further I get from finishing the first half, the more I love it and can’t wait for the second! I’m so excited for the fact that somehow the princess is in a wheelchair despite having been shot point-blank through the heart! I am also excited for the 85% chance that Inaho managed to survive being shot through the head with no impact on his personality whatsoever! I probably sound sarcastic, but I truly am itching to watch this. I know it probably isn’t healthy, but A.Z was such a lovely hatewatch for me, and I derived a foul amount of enjoyment from scoffing at it while watching (often out loud to my empty bedroom).

The oddest development this year for me, though, was that I found myself watching harem shows again. Maybe as an anime fan, or maybe, more specifically, as an anime fan who had as one of her early favorites Tenchi Muyo, I need some harem in my diet once in a while. Its a somewhat disturbing thought, but I watched Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara and In Search of Our Lost Future this year and enjoyed them, so maybe this is an unfortunate fact. Admittedly, my enjoyment of each was quite different from one another. Kanoflag was deranged, and I liked that. In Search of Lost Future was a whole lot of average school stuff with a vague sense of dread hanging over it, followed by a lot of fairly out there physics stuff, and… I liked that. I think it just scratched an itch.

I have a similar theory to that about why I enjoyed Glasslip so much. I gave it another go because I thought it was going to be a trainwreck and a half, but it was at the same time as I was trying Your Lie in April in the hopes of getting a mildly melodramatic piece of teen nonsense.

Anyway, I am hoping that 2015 proves a bit better in terms of new shows. At the same time, the backlog will never end, so surely something will keep me going. I’m also planning to re-watch Outlaw Star (it’ll be my sixth time through!) this year. And, and! I’m going to watch Gundam Seed! I can’t wait for the horror! =D!

I moved across the world this year and here are the anime I brought:

  • Tenchi Muyo TV
  • Tenchi Muyo OAVs
  • Seirei no Moribito
  • Sakura Wars TV
  • Outlaw Star
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Vampire Princess Miyu OAVs
  • Shamanic Princess
  • Taisho Baseball Girls
  • Blue Drop
  • Shiki

Yeah, kind of an odd selection; I was feeling the re-watch mood, especially for things I haven’t seen in years (Shamanic Princess, Jigoku Shoujo, etc.). I haven’t seen Seirei no Moribito yet, so have to see that. And isn’t it wonderful that Nozomi will be bringing us North Americans so much Gundam this year? There will definitely be more anime going back with me in that one eventual day when I go back to where I came from.

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  1. Nerem says:

    As a clarification, she got grazed in the head, not shot through the heart.

    Having watched the first episode of the second season I am… surprised they actually fairly satisfactorily explained why people didn’t die.

    I really liked WIXOSS, G-Reco, and somehow I’m enjoying Cross Ange. I ended up not liking Glasslip, because the plot felt really thin.

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