Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD at a Glance

milky holmes td

Seems like a legit representation of Elly.

I think the best way to describe this latest Milky Holmes series is to say that it is roughly one-third the first two series and two-thirds the much duller third series, as there is some of the deranged humor present here but there’s also lots of idol shit. There is also a desperate lack of Twenty, which is disappointing, to say the least. How could it be proper Milky Holmes without prehensile nipples?

What bothered me the most, though, was that the animation and art didn’t look like complete crap. What the hell? Original Milky Holmes aired in 2010 but looked like it came from about 2003 or so; I can’t handle this shiny stuff!

So, this series is Milky Holmes meets idol crap meets monster-of-the-week shows as this cutesy idol loses her Toys, known as Elements, and they possess people and make them behave bizarrely. As such, the cast then must seek them all out and save the day! Also, idol insert songs! Sighhhh.

Mark it down as a dropped for me. I’m going to re-watch the second season instead. The funny moments aren’t enough to make me sit through the dull idol nonsense – between this and having seen the first episode of Cinderella Girls, I’ve had my fill of idols for the year.

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