Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! at a glance

Binan Koukou - 02 -14[2]

Really liked the first episode, second episode made me seriously doubt whether this thing can keep up its steam for a full twelve episodes.

The premise is slightly too thin, and it showed by how much of the second episode was taken up with inane chatter about unrelated matters. I also think that one’s enjoyment will depend mightily upon one’s familiarity with the magical girl genre in the Sailor Moon/Mermaid Melody/Pretty Cure sense – it perfectly sends up a lot of the tropes, but I think a lack of intimate knowledge of them will leave these jokes flat for viewers. *I* might find it quite funny to see the things filched from Sailor Moon’s transformation scenes and the monster-of-the-week-ification of normal people lifted from the later seasons of Pretty Cure, but is it really so funny if you don’t recognize it as such? I’ve seen everything from the well-knowns (Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure) to the more obscure (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Wedding Peach, Saint Tail… hell, I’ve even seen a little of Corrector Yui and Ask Dr. Rin), so it’s hard for me to say what this is like for folks who mostly stick to Shounen Jump titles or mech shows.

I do think that half-episode format would’ve worked better as it would leave less dead space to be filled with conversations no one actually cares about. Twenty-two minutes sure seems to require a lot of padding out.

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  1. Artemis says:

    I’m likewise worried that this title will just keep putting out essentially the same gags for every episode. 12 episodes are a pretty long time for the sole strength of a show to rest on one type of joke – I have a feeling that Defense Club would have worked better as a sketch comedy than one with any overarching storyline.

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