Shokugeki no Soma at a Glance

sns ep1

Too many tentacles, not enough ham.

About halfway through watching the first episode of Shokugeki no Soma, I turned to my co-watcher and said, “Why the did I let you make me watch this?” Uninspired shounen crap that tries to get by on attempted cheese and loads of what it probably thinks is cheekiness, and which features such poor craftsmanship that the big-boobed yakuza woman’s breasts quite literally change size with every shot change.

It bears mention that the “cold open” features a scene of tentacle rape, by the way. Underpinning this particular unsavory item is a weird and off-putting conflation of forcing someone to eat your food as a means of sexual domination. Yuck. (And if tentacle rape alone isn’t enough for you, there is peanut butter also involved, and, wow does it look a hell of a lot like poop.)

If you want a ridiculous shounen centered around food, pick up Yakitate Japan instead. If you want ecchi, High School DxD is dragging another season across TV screens everywhere in Japan and lacks the dishwater dull shounen battle format (and, yeah, that format hasn’t arrived yet in SnS, but its going to).

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