Vampire Holmes at a Glance

vamp holmes

Well, this seems appropriate imagery given that Easter’s to-morrow.

There is probably a rule somewhere that it should take less time to read a post for an episode than it would to watch that episode. Vampire Holmes is three minutes long.

Vampire Holmes is somehow even worse than I was expecting. It looks horrendous. I’m tempted to say that its the second coming of Legend of Duo, but Legend of Duo is a better show. I’m not even really sure what this show is supposed to be. Despite the crucified people in the OP, the first episode consists of Holmes getting stepped on, and then getting dragged around by a dog. He also might be a terrible detective as he opts to find a missing dog over finding a missing person, only to lose said dog. Roll credits.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, well, three minutes doesn’t really hurt for checking something out, I suppose.

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