Re-Kan! at a Glance

re kan 1b

Re-Kan! is about a girl named Hibiki who switches schools and can see spirits, and it comes off as what Natsume Yuujin-chou would be like if that took place in a world where people don’t have hang-ups about people being able to see ghosts. After a week of being at her new school, no one really thinks much about Hibiki’s sixth sense, with the exception of class president Inoue, who loudly hates the whole thing. Of course, then, it is Inoue whom Hibiki is shown spending the most time with of any of the living portion of the cast, and, even without the horrible perverted cat making gross jokes about it toward the end of the episode, by the time the OP had wrapped up I had assumed that there’s probably loads of yuri doujin about the two floating around out there. I am quite okay with this.

The best word to describe Re-Kan! with would be “pleasant”, which may be an accomplishment given Inoue’s tendency to yowl and shriek. Inoue’s issue with Hibiki’s sixth sense appears to derive largely from the fact that she herself is capable of seeing spirits, but has apparently spent her life denying that spirits exist, something which itself seems to have dampened her ability somewhat. Re-Kan! is adapted from a 4-koma by the same name, so I’m not expecting much underlying plot, but if there is one which develops, it’ll probably be of Inoue slowly coming to accept her sixth sense.

Although I quite liked the show myself, its difficult for me to explain why a person should check it out, as the show is pretty mild. There’s some low-level comedy, and the cast is decent; I like the other girls who befriend Hibiki. It’s… pleasant.

The only discordant note struck for me was the horrible cat. We learn about halfway through the episode that Hibiki can talk to cats! Cue “joke” that the cute cat looking in the window of the locker-room is actually saying gross stuff about the girls’ bodies! Later on, he appears again, this time to try to look up skirts! Ugh. Those are the seinen roots showing, I guess. At least he doesn’t have much more than two minutes of screentime total, but his presence feels completely out of place in what is otherwise a mellow show about girls interacting with the departed. (On the negatives, while I was able to ignore it ultimately, the backgrounds in the first third of the episode are pretty bad – too much CG.)

So, uh… watch this show? If you like shows about people interacting with ghosts in a nonviolent fashion, this should be right up your alley, and if easy yurishipping is of interest to you, Re-Kan! certainly delivers (although its never going to pay off on it). If you came across the description that was floating around that this was about “a girl with big boobs who can see ghosts”, and that’s what is keeping you away, the good news is that the service is virtually nonexistent, so don’t let it hold you back. Ignore the cat and you’ll be good.

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