Gunslinger Stratos at a Glance



What to say about Gunslinger Stratos? Well, I can say that even though I only watched it yesterday evening, I had to look at someone else’s blog post about it to remind myself of what happened in this episode. I did recall, without having to check, that I had found it to be not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I also could remember that the female lead was pretty decent. But the finer details all drifted away from me sometime in the sixteen hours since I saw this episode. So, it isn’t quite that Gunslinger Stratos is bad so much as it is utterly forgettable… although, admittedly, that is a bad thing for a piece of entertainment to be.

A plus in the favor of Gunslinger Stratos is that I felt no compunction in talking over it to my viewing partner. We couldn’t agree on what the show’s true roots are. I argued that it was in the same vein as K, but with far less budget, and without the deranged details (no siscon sky Nazis). It’s got a similar feel in that it takes scads of generic stuff, jams it into the show, and then turns back to gaze upon the audience with a look on its face that say, “Ain’t this shit cool? Ain’t it?!” However, where I thoroughly enjoyed K, which managed to bolster itself by looking pretty, by focusing on a main cast that was likeable, even if it was a cluster of stereotypes, and through its inclusion of weird stuff, I sort of barely notice that I watched Gunslinger at all.

In a better season, I probably wouldn’t’ve even been able to recall Gunslinger Stratos long enough to write a post about it. However, in a season that I’ve found to be pretty weak, I’ll be at least giving the second episode a go. I also need to have at least one show I can watch with my spouse, even if I’m pretty sure this is going to Argevollen all over again, a show I only managed to finish because a certain someone kept swearing up and down that THAT week’s episode was really good! Really! Seriously! Watch it!

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