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Noooo my favorite show of the season ended!!!

Well, there was the review that I was going to write going into the final episode of Triage X, and then there’s the review that you’ll actually be getting because episode ten was such a trollfest. Spoilers, I guess, but instead of getting the second half of the battle that begins in episode nine, we get panning shots of the entire female cast in a hot spring, some that may as well have been festooned with “BUY THE DVDS TO SEE TITTIES!!!” as they featured the female cast placidly and wordlessly staring out at the viewer as enough steam to choke a humpback whale clouded the screen. Interspliced with this is exposition about the half of the battle we missed, along with some brief scenes of it.

At first, I was really irritated. Yes, Triage X is a fanservice show… but, dammit, as if you’ve been unable to toss boobs around in your fight scenes previously! Then, however, I settled down, and was amused, even – such a ridiculous move was really in keeping with the sort of show Triage X has always been, and the sort of show that Triage X has always been has been a shitty show with even shittier pacing.

I say this, of course, before stating that I really and truly did love the show. Sure, the breasts were misshapen beasts, and there were entirely too many crotch-shots, but it somehow hit the right garbage-y notes with me. The fights could’ve used a bit more animation and polish, but it was satisfying to watch the many women of the show slice, dice, shoot, and stab sleazy guys on a weekly basis, particularly given that many of these sleazy guys are dispatched after making sexually-based threats against these women. If I must live in a world where sexual violence is frequently threatened in entertainment against women, at least those making the threats could get their faces handily punched in by those they threaten within mere moments of uttering such things.

To me it is too bad that at this point that Weiß Kreuz will not serve as a useful point of comparison for many (most?) readers as it is the closest comparison I can think of when it comes to Triage X – both concern vigilante groups who exist to kill off villains deemed to be beyond the reach of the traditional judicial system, and in both cases this boils down largely to yakuza involved with the illicit drug trade, along with some human trafficking (WK spends a lot more time on the latter than Triage X has time to, with everything from forced prostitution to underground fighting rings to stolen internal organs). In both cases, too, the day jobs of the assassins are fairly innocuous, although I think florists operate slightly further below the radar than do medical professionals. They do have very different ideas about where to go with fanservice, and no one accidentally swaps spit with their half-sister in Triage X, but on the whole they feel very similar. So, honestly? If you enjoyed WK and don’t mind fanservice of another stripe, Triage X may be well situated up your alley.

The biggest problem Triage X has is the issue with pacing, which may not come as a shock given the truncated run it had (and to think, eleven episode runs on noitaminA pissed people off!). For the most part, it didn’t bother me a huge amount since the show as a whole wasn’t anywhere near to being top-notch, but there are moments where it grates. An early arc involving Mikoto unknowingly befriending another teen girl assassin really suffered from the brief amount of time it had to unfold, and the final episode is a complete wreck in this regard, going from half an episode of hot springs and fast flashbacks to a throwaway high-speed chase involving the sort of villain one expects to have at the beginning of the show, not as the final battle. More generally, Triage X could’ve carried a bit more weight as a show if it’d slowed down enough to grant more time to the various individual arcs that occur and focus around individual members of the cast (although, no, that wouldn’t’ve made it a Good Show).

I regret intensely that this didn’t get even twelve episodes, as while I am contemplating giving the manga a go, I’m skeptical of it proving of the same enjoyment as the anime was. I’m not sure why this is the case, as it isn’t as if the anime looks very good, and I don’t generally find that voice acting elevates material much for me, but I remain a bit wary. I don’t think this is/will be selling very well, either, and from what I can tell it hasn’t done much to elevate native sales of the manga, so in all likelihood this is all that will ever be of the anime.

Triage X will be missed! What a true, quality trash show; these are so much rarer than seems to be assumed! Little do people realize that a quality trash show is just as much to be coveted as a really good show…
Oh, and, here – all my screenshots from this show across its airing:

triage x 3b triage x 4 triage x 4b triage x 5 triage x 5b triage x 5c triage x 5d triage x 5e triage x 6b triage x 7 triage x 7b triage x 7c triage x 7d triage x 7e triage x 8 triage x 8b triage x 8c triage x 8d triage x 8e triage x 8f triage x 8g triage x 10 triage x 10b triage x 10c triage x 10d triage x 10e triage x 10f triage x 10g triage x ep 2 triage x ep 2b triage x ep 2c triage x ep 2d triage x ep 2e triage x ep 2f triage x ep 2g triage x ep 3

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