Aoharu x Machinegun at a Glance

aoharu x machinegun 1b

For all your pseudo-BL needs!

I started off the season with Aoharu x Machinegun, which has made it a bit difficult to get rolling on doing posts, as I found it… slightly underwhelming. The first half or so of the episode felt like a generic anime circa 2005, and I found myself glancing at the timer on the episode in dismayed boredom – surely it hadn’t only been eight and a half minutes?! But, yes, it was – eight and a half minutes of a screeching would-be Shounen Jump hero whose potentially amusing aspect (i.e. overly exuberant about JUSTICE!) was played up so hard that I could only painfully think of the likes of Binbougami and that one with the naked hell child and the high school delinquent who gets stuck looking after him (shouting emphatically is sooo hilarious). I had wanted to like Aoharu x Machinegun, but just look at what I was getting!

Thankfully, it all picked up a good deal once Hotaru went blasting into the host club. Hotaru’s over-the-top nature seemed to ease up a bit, and fit in better with the situation than it had previously. The visual direction, too, got a bit more interesting, although it didn’t quite move beyond being fairly standard. Still, the pseudo-homoeroticism irritated me in the same way it always did with the manga HanaKimi, which didn’t help to bolster the overall weakness to this opening episode.

So, what now? Well, since the second episode appears to be all about the “survival” game piece of the show, as well as an introduction of the so-mellow-it-might-be-tranquilizers half of the contrasting pair Hotaru finds herself entangled with, maybe it’ll end up being decent, but I’m not holding my breath. At this point I’m just marveling that I was able to eke roughly three-hundred words out of my sentiments/thoughts regarding this show.

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