Aquarion Logos at a Glance

aquarion logos

Logos backwards is noitaminA.

Dear lord, that was dreadfully boring! It seems that you do need to pair Shoji Kawamori with Mari Okada to make Aquarion work, if this and the original Aquarion are anything to go by. Anyone expecting something at all like Aquarion EVOL is going to be badly disappointed, as this show dispenses with just about everything that people liked about that one. While there were elements of EVOL that irritated me, and my opinion on it has declined a fair bit since it aired, it nevertheless had a cheesy charm that is entirely absent here.

I feel fairly miffed as the premise is fairly decent, although it was largely filched from Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi – the villain manipulates kanji characters as monsters-of-the-week, and there’s some expostulating on his part about how vital words are to humanity and their function as signifiers. This is somewhat undercut by the villain talking about how kanji is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE, not like hiragana or that alphabet stuff, which is utterly eyeroll-inducing if you’ve got the tiniest bit of awareness (since, after all, kanji literally means “Han characters” and is a corruption of ‘hànzì’, the Mandarin reading of 漢字- so, yeah, nice try there, dipshit).

Sadly, though, this is one of two things I can say positive things about; the other is that the animation is quite good. Everything else is terrible. The character designs are bland. The characters themselves are uninspired archetypes. Did you dislike how shy and unconfident Mikono was at the start of EVOL? Because the girl like her here is so shy and unconfident that she must type out on her phone what she wants to say to an elderly woman because she can’t get the words out otherwise (and, well, maybe this has some greater meaning since Logos and the manipulation of kanji characters by the villain, but it’s really, really obnoxious to watch regardless). The male lead isn’t any better, as he is the sort who stretches his hand toward the sky, twists his hand as if he is grasping the sun, and monotonously tells everyone that he is a “savior”. In something like G Gundam, the voice actor is hamming the hell out of the line, but here it’s delivered as if during small-talk about the weather, and the guy saying it has the personality of a freeze-dried tadpole. Then there’s the incomprehensible jargon, which in a show like Symphogear I’m willing to smile at, but when I’m already wishing I’d loaded video of paint peeling off of a house instead, it’s just annoying.

Awful! I’ll give it another episode because, I don’t know, I want a mech show, maybe? I actually have no idea why I’m willing to give it another episode. This is going to end in me closing the window seven minutes into the second episode, I guarantee it.

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  1. foshizzel says:

    I feel the same I just want another mecha series because that genre has been weak for me going back to Valvrave, Buddy Complex, M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, Aldnoah.Zero, Cross Ange and Gundam Reconguista! I hope this new Aquarion gets things together soon…

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