My Wife is the Student Council President at a Glance

say yes to the breast


This was… better than expected. I wasn’t even originally going to watch it, but then I heard there was intense breast-sucking action, and the last time we had that was Seikon no Qwaser, so of course I had to check it out. I kid! Seikon no Qwaser had nothing to do with it! I just saw a screenshot of a guy sucking a nipple, knew that it was a short, knew it was on Crunchyroll, and, well, you know what they say about the road to hell – its paved with curiosity about animated nipples.

So, here I am, having watched two episodes of this. One of them I watched with my darling spouse! As such, I can safely state that My Wife is the Student Council President isn’t an aphrodisiac. At all. In fact, it is whatever we would call the opposite of that… an antidisiac, maybe. If you try to watch this with your sweetheart in the hopes of encouraging nipple sucking, well, you’re probably just going to get a very good night of sleep instead. Alternately, you might be accused of corrupting your sweetheart’s (truly shitty) taste in anime.

But! Maybe you don’t have a sweetheart other than your body pillow of Pikachu! So you’re thinking, aww yeah, fap time! I watched the second episode alone. I did not fap, nor did I feel particularly inclined to fap. After watching the second episode, I reflected that the titular (hurr) student council president had surprisingly realistic nipples despite having unrealistic overall boobage, and then I wandered into the kitchen and pondered over the difficulty of halting ant invasions.

Is it any good? Not if you’re attempting to turn yourself or others on. As for it being any good in any other sense, well, I feel like that’s not really relevant. The animation isn’t great, and the heroine looks like she’s roughly seven years old, perky grapefruit boobs notwithstanding. So… that’s pretty bad. On the other hand, its super goofy and easy to guffaw at. The guy ends up sucking seitokaichou’s breast because she kisses his left finger in lieu of giving him a wedding ring, so he figures he can try to scare her off by demanding to kiss her left breast since its also the left side so, yes, wedding??? It’s just deranged enough to laugh at. And if I didn’t laugh at shit like this, I’d be screaming most of the time:

student council wife

Wow, that sure got misandry quick, huh?

I checked the uncensored episodes against the censored ones, by the way. The censored version lacks bare nipples (for example, at one point seitokaichou’s breasts are bared – in the censored version, she has no nipples), and has less nipples poking through clothing. The other difference is that the more ecchi scenes are replaced with “Wife Theater”, scenes where the characters are done in paper cutouts-style and which are clearly meant to be comedic (they’re not). Not to worry, though! Crunchyroll has the uncensored episodes streaming in at least seven countries! (Although you will have to have a paying membership to watch this show – unlike CR’s other content, the episodes do not become free to watch a week after they air.) And you can probably watch an episode in less time than it took to read this!

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