Prison School at a Glance

prison school 1a

Prison School brings all the Ken dolls to the yard.

I would really like to write a post about how I loved Prison School, but I’m having a lot of trouble writing it. This strikes me as odd considering this is the most controversial/infamous show of this season, but sort of like how its pretty much impossible to explain how one knows that they are in love, I am having trouble explaining why I like Prison School.

In conversation with another anime fan about this, I brought up Mashiro-iro Symphony, as that has a similar sort of premise. In Mashiro-iro Symphony (a.k.a. “Pure Shite Symphony”), a previously all-girls’ school has begun admitting male students, to the chagrin of some of its female students. Ditto for Prison School! But where Mashiro-iro was content to just have its student council president stamp her foot, scowl, and petulantly yowl about it, Prison School decides to run off to the realm of the absurd. The “official underground” student council president here can control crows, and with her vice president and secretary, enforces a no-go zone around all of the boys. And when the boys violate this by trying to spy on girls in their bath, they are consigned to an actual prison in the middle of the school grounds for a month and forced to do physical labor. One of the boys threatens to complain to his parents; he is smirkingly offered the chance to call them and do so, if he is willing to admit to his parents that he was trying to be a peeping tom and is protesting against having an in-school suspension. He breaks the offered phone immediately.

Given that, it seems to be the over-the-top nature of the proceedings which interests me. Also, it really isn’t like anything else currently airing, or that has aired recently. And I have absolutely no idea where this is headed. (And this last bit may be indicative of the way my tastes are trending, as I seem to, more and more, prefer the odder anime in part because of their unpredictable nature, since so much anime – well, and popular fiction in general – is fairly predictable.)

By the way, the OP reminded me of, of all things, Weiß Kreuz (although, well, what doesn’t…?) – the male leads’ voice actors sing the song, which was something Weiß Kreuz did as well, and while other shows have done it, too, there was something about the sort of song it is that brought WK to mind.

It may be worth mentioning, before I shuffle off elsewhere, that I originally wasn’t planning to watch this. The absurd design of the vice president (she of the physics-defying breasts) was enough to put me off of the thing, but I somehow got snookered into giving it a go. But! I ended up really enjoying it, so if you were feeling the same way I did, you may wish to still try it out.


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