High School Star Musical at a Glance

starmu 1b

Translation: he’s gay.

Once upon a time, middle schooler Yuuta Hoshitani spied a young man dancing beautifully in the rain. An unclear number of years later, he arrives at Ayana Academy, having been inspired by the unknown dancer to attend the school. Since the school’s entire intent is to create musical stars, it can be surmised that Yuuta desires to be a musician like the boy he watched when he was younger. As it turns out, that boy is named Otori. Otori has purple hair which he wears in a ponytail. I figured Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- was going to be this season’s Revolutionary Girl Utena, but Starmu has run off with the prize! Tough luck, Valkyrie Drive.

Going into the episode, I was genuinely worried that this was going to prove to be dull, and I was going to end up starting off my search for great trash in this season off to a poor start. Thankfully, Starmu managed to avoid being so, as while nothing in the first episode is especially exciting, there is a decent bit going on, much of which is hammed-up and absurd. Even by anime standards, a decent bit of the sillier moments are pretty outlandish. This is the sort of show where the archetypal snobby aristocrat doesn’t simply leave it at telling someone they’re a commoner, but tells them to reincarnate better the next time around:


starmu 1c

The episode as a whole plays like, well, a BL harem, as our oblivious hero Yuuta meets various boys while the shy boy he meets first vomits out explanations of what the hell their fancy school is about. Put a bit differently, Starmu feels pretty remarkably like BL with the explicitly yaoi content stripped out. Yuuta saw a pretty boy at the park and decided his goal was to go to his school, only to meet up with him years/a year later, and then is picked out from dozens of other would-be idols by this guy to be on the idol team he’s grooming. When he first arrives at the school, though, he comes to the aid of a clumsy, adorable shy boy. Several minutes later, he gets the brush-off from arrogant red-head guy but isn’t perturbed since he’s too genki to be perturbed. Halfway through the episode, another guy accidentally knocks him over, but then saves him from falling down a flight of stairs. And when Yuuta reaches the final part of his audition, DOKI~DOKI~, Otori walks in as the remaining panelist, and, uguuuu, that’s him, he remembers him…

If you’ve ever watched any Uta no Prince-sama, and by watching some of it, it lead to watching more of it, Starmu should be in your wheelhouse. If you’ve ever thought that watching Utapri is something you’d like to do, ditto. If, on the other hand, you saw some of Utapri and your skin still crawls at the thought, then this is an easy skip. Personally, 10/10, would watch again, but, hey, not everyone can have good taste.



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3 Responses to High School Star Musical at a Glance

  1. SStefania says:

    Wait, that guy at the beginning and Suwabe were THE SAME GUY?! I totally did not notice that, probably because they have different hairstyles, DAAAAAYUM what a plot twist!
    I liked UtaPri but couldn’t get myself to like this. The guys in STARMYU are totally dull and the designated asshole (who I always dislike) is merged with a designated kimono-wearing traditional guy (who I always like). If the series has been about Suwabe and that ridiculously looking green-haired background idol, I would have liked it more.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Oh, damn, I’d totally forgotten about the green-haired guy! When I saw him I thought of Saionji!

      Yeah, the guy at the start was the same as the one who picks Yuuta to be on his team at the end.

  2. animefun says:

    the filmmakers were just trying to tell a story. Sex, drugs and violence just didn’t factor into that equation

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