Sushi Police at a Glance

der sushi polizei

Not to be confused with Sushi Ninja.

Sushi Police is a patently absurd short-format series which follows two men and a malfunctioning robot in their efforts to scrub the world free of inauthentic sushi. It’s a comedy, and the episodes are roughly three minutes long, animated in a style that will probably strike many as being not very “anime”. (I’ve already seen people stating that it’s more of a cartoon than it is an anime, as facile/stupid an observation as that is. Someday, maybe, people will have finally caught on to the fact that anime are Japanese cartoons!)

The show itself is fine. It isn’t as funny as it thinks it is, the goofy antics only at most provoking a smile on my part, but its convictions about its own humor don’t edge it into obnoxious territory either. I was unable to wholly forget, though, that the underlying idea of a bunch of folks running around and putting the kibosh on “improper” sushi is puritanical at best. If a person is out having dinner and enjoying it, they probably won’t be terribly happy to have a headless Cromwellian robot burst out of the ceiling to smack a California roll out of their hand. If the show were funnier, though, I think this thought wouldn’t’ve plagued me as much.

Although Sushi Police didn’t entrance me much, with such a short runtime, I can hardly recommend one not try it, either. I, too, am planning to try a few more episodes, as it could very well settle into something decent.

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