Luck & Logic at a Glance


Luck & Logic is about a teen boy who used to fight monsters and doesn’t anymore since he lost his transformation device, and how he gets dragged back into it despite the tears of his imouto. It also melds the magic of last year’s boob ribbon and boob bandage to create a boob bow. Jargon jargon jargon, imouto imouto imouto.

Luck & Logic is so far impressively bad. There’s a lot of terminology thrown around with little explanation, and characters behaving in ways that feel fairly artificial, all of it leading to things that are pretty generic. Our brave lead even ends up shacking up with a guuuuuuurl (ok, it’s Athena, but she’s here rendered as a would-be yamato nadeshiko, not quite the fearsome goddess of myth) by episode’s end.

If one of the things impressive about Luck & Logic is how bad it is, the other impressive point lies in how fully the imouto has been subsumed into the role of mother by both male lead and their father. Onii-chan and imouto’s mom is dead, so it’s convenient to have slotted in the twelve year old to now perform all the menial household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and scolding the lead about staying up all night. Helpfully, too, since she is a young girl, her ignorance about sexuality is easier to swallow than it would for a middle aged woman who has two kids.

The placement of imouto as mother figure goes beyond simply a matter of her performance of household work. It lies, too, in the way her protestations about Male Lead going back to fighting monsters are presented. Dad plays the reliable role of Man Wanting His Son to Go Forth and Be Manly, and imouto fulfills Woman Very Upset at Son for Putting Himself in Danger. It’s difficult to explain, and I’d tell you to just watch the scene with what I’ve seen in mind, but that would mean watching this stupid waste of time. Just trust me – it’s creepy.

TL;DR Who cares about this crappy show, it’ll be one of the ones which you’ll be struggling mightily to recall anything about twelve months ago when considering what shows were top for your this year.
By the way, is it stuffy to be annoyed that Athena doesn’t have grey eyes? That really annoyed me.

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2 Responses to Luck & Logic at a Glance

  1. El Goopo says:

    As I said elsewhere, it looks like everyone’s got a thing for hating on this anime this season. Oh well. I guess they probably should have had the imouto trying to get into the lead’s pants instead, and given Athena standard videogame armor-for-girls and such. Maybe they should have just cut their losses and dropped the family theme altogether and put the lead in a highschool right away, given him a generic sword, and had Athena slap him like a tsundere after he fell into her chest.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      You’re totally right, that would’ve fixed everything. Damn. Wonder why they didn’t?

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