Flying Witch at a Glance

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So! Flying Witch is a pleasant slice-of-life tale about a teenaged Japanese witch who has moved in with her relatives in order to finish high school. Witches in this world normally are considered adult at age fifteen and get to move out from their parents’ home, but our heroine Makoto’s parents were worried about her job opportunities if she were to not go to high school, so they’ve come up with this solution. As such, Makoto gets to play the new girl in a small-ish town, and we are tapped lightly with a few related tropes that don’t quite raise any ire because the execution is so calm and the people so decent.

Watching the first episode, I realized that Flying Witch is what I’d expected and wanted out of Someday’s Dreamers, another story about a teenaged magic user, albeit one that suffered from distractingly loud generic background music. Makoto is a normal teenager who seems a little bit odd to the non-magic using people around her because she’s from a different environment than they are. Her cousin is a rather average but decent teenaged boy (who enjoys very average teenaged boy pastimes like after school shirtless karaoke). His sister is initially nervous around Makoto but very curious, sensing that there’s something different, before being delighted by the magic of flying. I’ll eat my hat if anything earth-shattering ever happens in this show.

On paper, it probably doesn’t sound terribly compelling, but it plays out charmingly. If slice-of-life is your nemesis, though, I’m sure you’ll hate it. The magic element is important, but inasmuch as its part of who Makoto is, not in the way that magic is important in something like The Irregular at Magic High or Fate/Zero. And while the show has some mildly humorous moments (actually, the mandrake gag is pretty funny, although not quite side-splittingly so), it isn’t primarily a comedy by any means.

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4 Responses to Flying Witch at a Glance

  1. Artemis says:

    I actually really liked Someday’s Dreamers… the first season that is. Season two quite literally put me to sleep. Now that you mention it though, I definitely see similarities between season one and Flying Witch, which to my mind is a pretty good thing – especially since I had expected Flying Witch to be a lot more cutesy-moe in its presentation.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      It’s possible that I maybe would’ve liked Someday’s Dreamers had I not found the background music so horridly distracting in its loudness, but I genuinely couldn’t focus when watching it because of that. Not sure if that was an issue with the DVDs I owned or if it was inherent to the show.

      • Artemis says:

        It’s been ages since I watched it, so I honestly don’t remember the background music at all. Maybe I’ll give it a re-watch at some point to see if I notice.

  2. samui says:

    The Flying Witch is a pleasant balance to this season’s full of gar and action. I might not like it as others do but I am willing to follow it every week with a smile. That’s because it’s just that cute.

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