Here’s My Pet Theory About The Lost Village

lost village 11

$10 says this lady’s knocked-up.

Dashed this off and posting without edits since final episode airs to-morrow, so this might be a bit on the rough side.

So, meant to touch on this when I wrote about the recent The Lost Village episodes in my last Week in Review post, but it slipped my mind. I suspect that Koharu is pregnant based on the shot we get of her abdomen while she’s talking to Speedstar/Hayato about having been betrayed. Koharu’s also been wearing a shirt that fits loosely, which would help to hide signs in her physical appearance of a pregnancy. And, having gone back and taken a look at previous episodes, whenever people start to get really out of hand, she folds her arms across her abdomen.

Who’s the father? My best guess is Kamiyama, who, until recently, was an academic held in esteem by his peers, and whose area of expertise happens to be the same as the one Koharu’s studying. The timeline, admittedly, wouldn’t quite make sense, but as this is a show that hasn’t been terribly troubled by having to always make sense, I don’t consider this a dealbreaker. Dahara, the tour guide, comments that Koharu is popular amongst the faculty at their school, and insinuates that she’s been sexually active with some of them. In all likelihood, if it was Kamiyama, he was the only person with whom she had a relationship given her spiel about betrayal in episode eleven.

Koharu’s also probably the culprit where the drugging of Kamiyama is concerned. The shot of the partly-drunk cup of tea or coffee on his desk from his flashback to that night implies that he was drugged, and Koharu is the only member of the cast who would’ve had the opportunity. Unlike everyone else, she wasn’t on the bus up until the final portion of the trip, and if she had a relationship with Kamiyama, she could administer something in his drink without provoking suspicion – and the man even after the fact clearly hasn’t considered any foul play having been involved.

This does leave us with the question of what Koharu really means when she’s talking about betrayal. Does she feel that Kamiyama has betrayed her by refusing to continue their relationship despite her pregnancy? Maybe he has decided that since he has aged abnormally quickly, and because he feels he must keep people out of Nanakimura, then he’s not a good match for Koharu. Is she instead speaking of the way the academic community treated Kamiyama after he presented his findings about Nanakimura and Nanaki? This itself would help to explain what her motivations are – she’s delivered up a horde of people to the village in the hope that she can manipulate them into producing solid evidence of the village’s Nanaki phenomenon.

Well, whatever the case, we’ll know if I’m on the nose or totally at sea soon enough.


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6 Responses to Here’s My Pet Theory About The Lost Village

  1. samui says:

    I also have a gut feeling that Koharun and Kamiyama are in a previous relationship and she’s the one who snuck that night and stole his researches. Well, that’s what I deduced given Kamiyama’s wordy explanation of his study in the Nanaki Village.

    Well, regardless of her pregnancy, I want to see karmic retribution to her tomorrow. LOL

  2. Karandi says:

    Good call. I hadn’t connected her to the professor at all but then again, I had given up trying to make sense of this awhile back.

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