Pan de Peace Series Review

my sexual orientation is breadsbian

Why, yes, I did end up watching Pan de Peace a.k.a Breadsbians: The Animation.

I originally saw the first episode when it first came out, found myself rather unmoved by its “You love bread? I love bread!! Let’s have sex!” plotline. But, then, lo and behold, I was baking bread myself, wanted to watch something while I was combining ingredients, and, hey, what better than a show about bread which required little attentiveness on my part?

While the initial episode is fairly frenetic, things settle down from there into a rather bog-standard cute girls doing things cutely show. While it isn’t terribly of interest, it isn’t exactly bad, either, and I could understand someone finding the proceedings pleasant in an inane way. Bread is eaten, girls coo over each other and over bread, and rivalries for attention also become rivalries about bread. There’s also an incredibly horrible and disgusting and flagrantly offensive sandwich, one which I will not describe as I refuse to expose my readership to such obscenity.

So, a harmless show so lightweight it could be blown away with a mere puff of breath. Also, for weird trivia, one of the girls is voiced by the person who voiced Professor Magata in The Perfect Insider.

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