Week in Review, 7/25 – 7/31

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Macross Delta, ep. 16-17

True love means waiting to watch the latest episodes of currently airing shows, it would seem.

So, let’s get the lesser stuff out of the way first. Not only were those Valkyrie outfits TOTALLY ridiculous, they sure as hell involved an equally ridiculous amount of breast size fluctuations. To be fair, this isn’t the first time this issue has surfaced, as while Makina’s chest is huge, her breasts have seemed to have steadily gotten larger as the show has worn on. I genuinely do not understand how her everyday “uniform” shirt even works anymore. While they may avoid insulting our intelligence by bothering to show Reina’s torso during this sequence, Kaname apparently had silicone implants done right before the show.

As for addressing the financial crunch by getting guys to mindlessly dump money into their coffers for the chance of seeing Makina in her underwear… I’m not sure how I feel about this. Compared to what I’ve seen of the franchise (Do You Remember Love?, 7, the first Frontier movie), it does feel much more blatant about sex selling than Macross has previously been… Yeah, sure, Sheryl absolutely had some pretty sexualized routines as an idol, but never quite so direct as, “Hey, give me some money and I might take my shirt off.”

With all that out of the way, though, let’s talk what really matters – how damn good the bits between Freyja and Hayate were, particularly in episode sixteen. DAMN. Young love, eh? Although, uh, Hayate hasn’t apparently cottoned onto it himself, which I suppose is sort of the standard method of holding off on resolving love triangles. As I’ve said before, I think Hayate and Freyja are much more on the same wavelength than Mirage and Hayate, and for that reason I prefer the former to the latter. Mirage having a crush on Hayate is believable, but them working out long-term? Not so much. And, yeah, I know, “working out long-term” seems a weird way to put it considering Freyja’s life expectancy is only thirty-something years. Nevertheless, I think the differences between Mirage’s and Hayate’s personalities and outlooks are the sort that would chafe in a romantic relationship after a while. And, too, if you loved someone, and they told you they were going to probably die in fifteen years, would that necessarily be a reason to give up on the romance? Wait. Didn’t Clannad~After Story~ already answer this???

Thunderbolt Fantasy, ep. 2-4

This is definitely a show that is at its best when people are bleeding like an engorged mosquito that’s just been smacked, and, as such, episode three dragged a bit before they went off to the worst place to camp ever. Thankfully, episode four let things pick up again, and I’m hoping that episode five won’t feature too much sitting and chatting out the plan before they go after the Poké Flute.

So, are we all in agreement that the Artist Currently Known As Guǐ Niǎo has slept with a lot of people, and that it’s from this population that he’s drawn on for compatriots? And that Shā Wú Shēng is yet another jilted ex-lover? And that Guǐ Niǎo is obviously Gen Urobuchi’s self-insert character?

My favorite part of this show is all the hair-tossing that goes on; as such, I welcome the addition of the necromancer Xíng Hài to the mix. Her flicking of her bangs is magnificent.
By the way, remember Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers? Remember Hans Humpty? He was the one who was catlike and had blue hair. Remember him now? Because he and Juan share the same voice actor, and now you, too, can be tormented by being unable to forget that while watching this show. It doesn’t help that Rokka and this are both quest stories in mythical lands!

Cheer Boys!!, ep. 3

I’m glad that the guy with the most skills is also nearly the least cool guy in the cast.

Uh. That’s kind of it for this episode? It was really boilerplate sports show stuff, and while I can appreciate the very deliberate way it goes about fleshing things out, it does worry me a bit that there’s still some recruitment that has to get done. This show is only twelve episodes, after all, so it’d be nice if they could pick the pace up a little, especially as I am doubtful this is something that’ll get a second season.

NightWalker: The Midnight Detective, ep. 1-4

I had the OP and ED for this show, which I originally watched in 2002 or so (I know it was definitely pre-high school), stuck in my head last week. So, then I decided – well, why not give it a re-watch? I recalled it as a pretty standard 90’s horror anime, and, hey, guess what? That’s exactly what it is. Some of the material is pretty solid, but unfortunately a bunch of things get really stupid in episode four, and the show tends toward wild inconsistency regarding whether its vampiric lead can go outside when its sunny or not. Said lead is also so edgy that he utters lines about how he belongs neither to the world of darkness, nor that of humans. Whoa, dude! Damn. You are something else!

Things will probably go downhill from here – in fact, I know they have to, as these four episodes were originally produced as a standalone OAV. Onto this, eight additional episodes were tacked to convert the whole thing into a TV series. Yikes. I only remember a single scene from the remainder of the series, which would seem to support my theory, but I’m willing to try it all out anyway.

Brigadoon, ep. 3-4

My narrative for a while has been that Sunrise used to be a substantially more interesting studio than it is now, and Brigadoon is a decent piece of evidence in favor of that idea. It’s certainly challenged categorization in what I’ve watched of it thus far, and continues to do so here where previous indications of more serious elements become clearer even as some things become ever goofier. The lead has a silly daydream involving her best friend swapping bodies with a frog after falling down some stairs, and two scenes later when said friend defends the lead against some bullies, they shove her over and kick her hard enough to sprain her ankle. Yet for as much as, when I put it like that, it would appear to be disjointed, the whole is cohesive and the mood doesn’t feel like it’s oscillating wildly.

Hmm. I really want to watch more, and that’s probably the best thing that can honestly be said about an anime, isn’t it?

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  1. Artemis says:

    Dang, all the memories! Vampires with purple hair are clearly the best kind of vampires.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      More proof that anime just ain’t what it used to be! Vampires now all seem to just sport black or white hair… sigh.

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