Gakuen Handsome at a Glance


We’ve all been waiting six years for this moment.

The famous Gakuen Heaven has finally come to our screens in TV anime form, having previously charmed audiences so much as a visual novel and then as OAVs that a crowdfunding effort for a TV series netted roughly $70,000. And, it is apparently leaving a lot of people confused, if this Kotaku piece is anything to go by. So, let us review the basic facts of Gakuen Handsome.

Gakuen Handsome is a parody VN from 2010 which features absolutely massive chins and the tropes of the genre distilled down to their very purest forms. It’s tagline is, “Whenever you exited the school gates, you were handsome.”, and there’s a bad end where you get stabbed by someone’s chin. And its beenĀ a huge hit with BL fans.

Gakuen Handsome, the TV anime, is a fitting adaptation, as it fully adheres to the spirit of the game – which is to say that it is visually awful. The animation is janky, the character designs have gloriously pointy chins, and our lead has no facial features . As a BL fan, it’s a scream, but I doubt whether it has much in the way of broad appeal – its atrocious score on My Anime List certainly suggests it doesn’t. That being said, it is a short, so if you’re curious, you may as well give it a go.

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