Magical Girl Raising Project at a Glance


Mobage are bad, actually.

Sadly, I’m sure I’m far from the first to make that particular joke.

Magical Girl Raising Project follows the exploits of a generically cute young woman with a terrible character design who loves magical girls although peer pressure says she shouldn’t at the ripe old age of fourteen. Heroine Koyuki wishes she was a magical girl and always has, and receives the opportunity to finally become one thanks to her addiction to a magical girl mobage. But with a bloody opening minute, and an ominous notice from the game’s mascot character (who is apparently Monokuma’s younger sibling) that the ranks must be thinned, what seemed to be a dream come true is surely destined to become horrific.

The show itself, to be honest, isn’t much to talk about – we’ve seen stuff like this before (although not, I will say, as often as some folks have claimed), and Koyuki’s decently pleasant enough but not particularly memorable or engaging. We do get a slightly intriguing twist in that it turns out that boys may become magical girls – the unique hooks end exactly there. But I’ve found it interesting to look at others’ reactions to the show, as the commentary very quickly tipped over into telling us much more about the person reviewing it than it does about the show. So if you’re seeking a Rorschach blot of a show, this makes for a decent bet. (Kudos, by the way, to Rebecca Silverman at ANN giving the only example of insightful commentary about the show which I’ve seen thus far – scroll to the final paragraph on the page).

At the risk of, then, tipping my hand on the contents of my own psyche, Magical Girl Raising Project’s first episode was pretty low-key stuff with a dash of frying-pan-to-the-face level subtlety. It suggested a show that could go off the rails really quickly, but which also could be the kind of junky anime that tends to be addictive. $5 says Koyuki’s male childhood friend gets disemboweled or lit on fire next episode.

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