Kirakira Precure a la Mode at a Glance


Heh, more like Pretty Fur, eh?

I cannot, it must be said, be considered a Pretty Cure connoisseur, no, not by any stretch. The only iteration of the lengthy franchise I’ve watched to completion was Go! Princess Pretty Cure, although I have seen decent chunks of Futari wa, Suite, Yes! Precure 5… and enough of Heartcatch to have felt like I gave it a fair chance. (And I can lay claim to having watched what I did watch of Futari wa back when it was airing! Ah, the things which we assure ourselves matter…) I have also seen at least the first episodes of all of them except for Fresh, Smile, and DokiDoki.

I brought up this last bit as what really struck me about this opening episode of the latest Precure was how incredibly forced and artificial it felt, a criticism which isn’t one I would level against the franchise. Admittedly, HappinessCharge’s first episode felt similarly, but even as these first episodes have items which they must check off on the Precure supply list, they at least usually feel as if they possess some energy and confidence. They just flat out didn’t get it right this time around, and it unfortunately reminds one that this is a franchise that is fairly shopworn at this point. Ichika’s a standard-issue lead for Precure, and her interest in baking is a weak point of differentiation between herself and all the others, at least as seen here.

I’ll admit, too, that for someone who has read and seen a bit of Tokyo Mew Mew (do you love bad dubs, by the way? because, if so, please look up “Mew Mew Power” sometime), it was hard to escape the sense as if of seeing double while sitting through the OP and ED. It certainly doesn’t help that the sequel was “Tokyo Mew Me a la Mode”!. There’s the animal theme, and we’ve even got the restaurant right there in the OP. Mercifully, having reviewed the cast list, at least no one is going to be¬†saddled with names like “Lettuce” and “Pudding”. Perhaps disappointingly, there is no sign of eco-terrorist aliens.

Admittedly, this particular critique – it’s ripping off an old magical girl show! – isn’t one which will likely cause issue to the intended audience, as Tokyo Mew Mew is surely older than they are.

Alright, so I’m not the target audience, nor am I even a fan of the franchise, but can I at least also inveigle against the fairly hideous designs of the Cures? Look, kids, when I was your age, Cures’ bodyweights were not 50% composed of hair. And it feels maddening to go from the really quite well-designed primary outfits of the Cures in Mahoutsukai Precure to a scenario wherein ears are larger than heads. And people think the sizes of eyes in anime are ridiculous.

Ah well, guess I’m better off going back to finish Mahoutsukai Precure.

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