Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl Vol. 1 Manga Review

kiss and white lily for my dearest girl

Ambitious girl meets annoying girl.

Ayaka Shiramine is a frustrated young woman – having been accustomed to being the apple of everyone’s eye, she finds herself in high school constantly outperformed by slacker Yurine Kurosawa. And trying harder doesn’t seem to make any difference, although it does seem to have the effect of piquing the curiosity of Yurine. Meanwhile, Ayaka’s cousin and room-mate, Mizuki, becomes concerned that her would-be girlfriend Moe seems overly interested in Yurine’s running prowess.

Good lord, what a snore of a book. Roughly a third of the way in I found myself checking the page number and realized that I was utterly bored. I was also mildly irritated, as it turns out that I don’t only dislike the whole “person A is effortlessly amazing and person B is super frustrated by this since they’re used to being the most amazing person!” when applied to heterosexual shoujo couples – I also dislike it when it’s applied to two girls! It doesn’t help that Ayaka and Yurine have all the chemistry of a slightly soggy newspaper. Somehow even as Ayaka is demonstrated as becoming increasingly fixated on Yurine there is a complete lack of spark between the two. The portion focused on Mizuki and Moe was slightly better, although even this seemed to grow boggy by it’s conclusion.

I read the digital release of this from Yen Press on Adobe Digital Editions on my laptop, so I’m not sure if the digital release doesn’t do two-page spreads or if it simply couldn’t display as such on Digital Editions. Whichever is so, and although I didn’t like the manga at all, it’s a polished and professional release.

Too many yuri fish in the sea for this one to be worthwhile. I’m just glad I bought the digital release since it’s about half the price of the physical one. Pick up the Kase-san series instead, or hold out for the upcoming English language release of Hana and Hina After School…. whiiich actually may be out already depending on what country you live in.

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