Kase-san and Bento

kase san and bento

I’ve already pre-ordered the next volume.

Volume two brings us Yamada and Kase as an established couple! Much to Yamada’s dismay, though, she realizes she doesn’t really know what this means, and frets over whether she should be doing things differently. Yamada’s friend Mikawa helpfully suggests that maybe Yamada’s got it all wrong – are they *really* dating? But during a school trip to Okinawa, it becomes clear that despite seeming to be perfect, Kase, too, is on new ground with the relationship, and the two share a happy moment on the beach.

Remember when I said Kase-san and Morning Glories was exactly the thing I’d needed as a read when it came out because it was a cheery story about queer kids? This holds absolutely true for Kase-san and Bento, where we witness Yamada tying herself in knots with worry over her relationship with Kase in a way that feels terribly familiar to anyone who has experienced adolescence. And, despite all the overthinking Yamada does, the whole thing steers clear of the gloom that can sometimes accumulate in works where teens spend a lot of time fretting about things. Not that gloominess is a bad thing, but in a world full of plenty of gloomy works involving queer kids it sure feels wonderful to read something much happier.

The release itself is a solid one – good translation work, the physical quality of the book is good, there aren’t any printing errors… But Seven Seas has been fairly reliable in this regard for a while now, so it isn’t as if I was expecting otherwise. I did reflect upon finishing it that I’m glad they’ve started putting out some more pleasant series for yuri of late since they’ve got the right folks behind the scenes to handle it well.

So, basically – Kase-san and Bento is quite delightful and I am avidly awaiting the next volume. I adore Yamada and Kase and it brings me cheer to watch them building a relationship and being happy.

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