Introducing Mecha Mondays

sakura wars

My adoring fans, all *checks* three and a half of you, perhaps you’ve worried, perhaps you’ve wondered, for I have been so quiet this summer… Well, such is the nature of things when one is writing a very, very exciting master’s thesis! Oh, so very exciting… thrilling. The thrillingest. I am sure you would all buy copies were it commercially available.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do this for months and months now, but haven’t had much leftover energy for it. So, here at last, I would like to introduce Mecha Mondays. I’d be more accurate to call it “Mecha Anime Mondays”, but I do so love alliteration when one can shoehorn it, so Mecha Mondays it is. The premise is pretty simply – every Monday, I’ll write up a mech show I’ve seen, and I’ll presumably keep doing so until I run out. I’ll (try) to stick to ones I’ve at least seen all or a decent chunk of, although it may prove impossible to avoid pontificating about the real horrors out there which I couldn’t stomach a single episode of. One does usually enjoy commenting upon the extraordinary, and that is as true of the extraordinarily awful as the extraordinarily good.

STARTING MONDAY AUGUST 21ST well, you know, barring utter academic disaster.


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  1. Artemis says:

    … Am I the half?

  2. DerekL says:

    Wait, I thought I was the half!

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