Previews from anything I’m writing. I’m currently only working on one of these steadily, although it currently has no title. Please be aware that these are in very raw form; places with brackets are where I am still undecided on the word choice or the phrase being used there.

Title: none yet

Rating: G (for this sample)

Portion: prologue, chapter one

Summary: Ex-sister (like a nun! but different) Quinn moves back to her hometown under unfortunate circumstances. Everyone gossips, and she fails at being social. Two years later, weird shit starts happening. Inspired by Shiki and ‘salem’s Lot. Also influenced by Shirley Jackson’s body of work. If you don’t know who that is, you are WRONG.

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Chapter One

*    *    *

Title: …and the moon smelled of oranges

Rating: G (for this sample)

Portion: Chapter One

Summary: Working title. Girl wakes up in a hostel and tries to decide what to do with herself. There is some burnt toast. It’s in (an) Ireland. Really, really hard to describe it without giving away the entire thing. This is what editors at publishing houses are for. Also: part of my nom de plume for the porn book I’m writing can be found in here.

Click to read.

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