As Yet Untitled Introduction

Life is unfair and what I’d typed previously was consumed as my laptop entered that endless hell of Windows Updates. Given that, I’m not going to go into my full spiel yet; ‘ll update this to go for the full effect in the future.

Anyway, Love Live. Love Live, the anime, irritated me a lot, even as the game proved deliciously addictive. Love Live could’ve made a pretty good sports anime, but it lacked the depth of character and the strong sense of competition to be such. Obviously this means that I had to write my own fanfic to make up for that. Instead of trying to convert the story of Honoka et al. to gold, though, I opted to write from scratch about a different school idol group. Luckily, the Love Live School Idol Festival game gave me some material to start with as far as the characters went.

Here are the ones featured in the first chapter (all of these girls have multiple cards for LLSIF, but I specifically picked these ones as I liked the illustrations for these ones best of the options):

nanaka morishima

reine saeki

yukari saotome

mikoto fukuhara

seira kujo

kasane hasekura

Although I did use already-existent characters, don’t expect them to necessarily stick to the personality/interests/whatever as given by the scant details from LLSIF. I really am just using the name and images as a jumping-off point; some of the details remain intact, but I’m trying to fully develop characters, not let them remain static and shallow.

I also did deviate slightly on Reine Saeki’s name – I’ve used Reina instead. It’s just a preference thing.

Anyway, I have about twelve pages of handwritten notes, so better get excited, bros.

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