Chapter Four

It had been hard to start over.

Momomi and Kaname were back to the early days of their relationship, treading lightly and behaving delicately. They were firmly at square one, hands clasped tentatively together, shared moments bereft of kisses. It was strange, and sometimes Momomi hated it.

But in starting over their relationship was not exactly as it had been when it was new. Now, she felt a touch of suspicion towards the other girl, one she feared would grow and poison the relationship. But Kaname was being so good to her, was trying so hard to think of her first. So she had to try, she had promised to try – and, really, although she had she had been so hurt by Kaname, she still… well, she supposed it must’ve been love – could mere infatuation have survived such a nasty shock?

So she tried, and Kaname tried, and it wasn’t easy, but they kept at it regardless.

Kaname had come twice every week during break, even though it was an hour and fifteen-hundred yen by train each way. When she came each Monday, she had brought flowers. And Momomi had saved one flower every week, although she’d never said so. They had walked down warm streets, fraught with discomfiting silences; but as time had passed, words had become easier and hands had found one another in the sunshine.

When she’d opened the door to their room, she had found a vase full of flowers awaiting her. She had smiled at that, smiled in the empty room, shifting the flowers this way and that in the sea-green vase. She felt giddy and silly, the old thrill of when they had first become a couple returning. She had left quickly then and returned later with a box of chocolate-covered chestnuts – they had always been Kaname’s favorite.

The kiss had come a few days later, a quick peck on the cheek, followed by Kaname blushing furiously. Momomi had laughed suddenly, compulsively, and teased Kaname over her rapid reddening. She felt wonderful and light, the suspicion ebbing away with each new moment.

One day, walking together, they passed by the Etoile. But if Kaname noticed this, there was no evidence to it. When they were out of view, Momomi had seized Kaname’s arm, and held herself close, head leaned into shoulder as they walked. Kaname looked down, confused, “What was that for?”

“Ah, well,” She smiled, “No particular reason.”

Everything was going to be alright.

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