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Was That Her Hymen?: THAT Scene in Revolutionary Girl Utena

And random bits about board games and race.

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In Honor of My Recipient of the First Revolutionary Girl Utena Remaster Box…

I bring to thee the original versions of Spira Mirabilis Theater (Miki’s first duel’s chorus) and Paleozoic Within the Body (Saionji’s second duel’s chorus). Now, when I say “original”, I really do mean it – these were the versions that … Continue reading

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The Atmosphere of Adolescence in Revolutionary Girl Utena


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Kunihiko Ikuhara to Direct 2011 Anime

Folks, its time to start freaking out and shrieking.

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Watching Utena, Watching Ourselves(?)

…One of the things I think that is interesting in watching RGU is in what it can tell us about ourselves. I think in this, too, there is a reason for returning to it time and again, because a person changes over time, and so their reactions to the show and… Continue reading

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Reasons to Watch Revolutionary Girl Utena

…Anyway, apparently some sorry souls out there are still unconvinced of the necessity of watching Revolutionary Girl Utena and the fact that it is a Very Good Thing. My connection sucks so I can’t watch anything (Shiki!) and apparently there are some religious gatekeepers out there preventing me from downloading pornographic manga or looking at… Continue reading

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Utena Update: Nozomi Nabs Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie


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