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The Misfortune-Devouring Witch is Actually a Vampire?! LN Review


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Seraph of the End at a Glance

I Can’t Believe My Shounen Vampire Slaying Anime is This Horrible.

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Shiki Withdrawal Report, Week One

Or, Japan has taken away my favorite new toy… and now I don’t know what to post about.

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Abel and Cain, Vampire and Priest

…This failure to explicitly account for Cain and his lineage also explains later legends and beliefs relating to him. Up until fairly recently (e.g. the 18th century or so) there was a strong tradition that Cain still wandered the earth, unable to perish and fated to wander until the end of time (at which point, presumably, he’d be one of the ones cast into the lake of fire). And Cain has been used in literature before to explain the existence of vampires – he’s the father of them, and they’re all cursed as a result… Continue reading

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Shiki: The Anatomy of a Vampire Type

…However, Anne Rice is hardly the beginning of vampire lore, and in fact her vampires are quite modern for all their adherence to such things as being unable to handle sunlight and an often cavalier attitude toward killing their victims…The vampires in Shiki aren’t like that. In fact, the vampires in Shiki essentially take us back… Continue reading

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