Weekly Trash Update 06

Day: The first half of this year wasn’t so hot for anime, with some exceptions (Yuri Bear Storm, Shirobako), but, damn, the second half sure has made up for it! I bring this up since this week was another reminder of why this autumn has far exceeded my expectations anime-wise. Sure, stuff like Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans might be fast wearing out its welcome, but who needs that when I can have quality material like Dance with Devils and High School Star Musical?

Cara: This week features a chorus of pomeranians, a couple of bears and some decent action scenes – it was a good week for trash.

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A Failure of Imagination: Gundam: The Origin, Episodes 1-2

gundam the origin ep 1

Another Gundam marred by the franchise’s poor approach to women and to female characters.

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A Day with The Cart Driver podcast episode 4 – Ramba Ral: The real Gundam protagonist

gundam the origin ep 1

We’re slowly working toward having a normalized schedule, but here’s episode four of my podcast with Scamp of The Cart Driver. This time around we stick to the Gundam wheelhouse, discussing the Gundam: The Origin anime, as well as G Gundam. We do also have a tiny splash of Mai-Hime in the mix, although its pretty overwhelmingly a Gundam fest. You can listen to the podcast here (it is also available for DDL). Hope you enjoy!

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The Genre of My Discontent: The Disappearance of Girls’ Sports Shows in the Face of the Idol Anime Juggernaut

cinderella girls

Where did all the girl athletes go?

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Weekly Trash Update! 04

 photo WeeklyTrash04_zpseuhzhk1r.jpg

Day: And, here we have it, fourth week of the Weekly Trash Update. If you didn’t catch the third installation, you can check it out here at Cara’s blog.
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Weekly Trash Update – 02

 photo WeeklyTrash02_zpscseejxgc.jpg

Cara:  Pretty good week this week – the musical shows are settling into a ‘introduce one cast member per episode’ pattern, K is trying to convince us it has a plot and Seraph is still faffing about with character moments until the fighting can kick off.

Day: In a pretty good year for trash, have to say that this autumn has so far proven to be the best trash season this year. I’m impressed, as summer was itself pretty solid for trash, and this season is even better! And, in just a couple of weeks, Triage X’s OAV is coming out! What more could I ask for? (By the way, if you missed our first installment of Weekly Trash Update, you can find it here.)

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Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- at a Glance

valkd 1d
I gazed with misty eyes at the miracle of Christmas the anime gracing my computer screen, and murmured, “Dreams really do come true…!”

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