I’m so mortified I’m actually making this, I could die. However, I also have started up with fanfiction again and wish to get a wider audience than the one I can garner strictly through – which is partially to say that I want to have an audience, too, that is a little more, ah, shall we say, mature? Let’s face it – the average user is still within the grip of adolescence. So, sadly, I shall have to submit myself to the possible mortification of exposing my fanfiction to the cold, harsh light of the blogosphere.

Anyway, as you’ll see below, what I’m including is fairly limited so far as fandoms go, and a bit further mortifying in that at the moment all I’ve got here is one Shiki fanfic. I’m hiding everything else (including the Strawberry Panic fanfic I used to have archived here!), and you’re not allowed to see it! May or may not expand.

NEW: Samples of fiction I’m actually writing as opposed to fanfiction! HOLY FUCK FREAK OUT TIME!


Love Live


Strawberry Panic

Yumeiro Patissiere


Fiction I’m Actually Writing

Bros, I just don’t even know what the fuck is going on here, and it might make you feel sad, nervous, and confused

4 Responses to Fanfiction

  1. Lantlos says:


    How long has this been up? Heh. 🙂

  2. kluxorious says:

    Where is the Bleach fanfic?!

  3. you should make a deathnote fanfic

  4. Z. says:

    I hate to be such a jerk about this, but I think your writing is too good for I too have written some stories for that archive and while I’m not nearly as talented as you are, I do concur with your assessment of the audience there. Most of the readers at are not as sensitive to the subtleties of character development, or underlying philosophical/ethical points, or hell, even narrative flow as a writer of your caliber deserves. I’m happy to have found some of your original fiction here, and I remain staggered by your talent. Thanks so much for posting!

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