Happy Endings Are All the Same: Chapter Fourteen

A/N: Ok, so, maybe I lied on the last author’s note, I definitely wrote this first. I did try to write the previous chapter first, but I couldn’t manage to work myself up to it. Woot, porn first!

I will note that it isn’t nearly as explicit as the masturbation chapter, though.

Just assume that even when I’m not directly noting that Seishin is giggling, he probably is. Except during a certain part. You’ll know which one.

Happy Endings Are All the Same:

Chapter Fourteen

Toshio was half-carrying Seishin, half-dragging him, the other man merely content to stumble around aimlessly in the dark, giggling. He gritted his teeth, as the priest continuously stepped on his own feet or kicked his ankles by accident, and forced the sliding door open with his shoulder. He hadn’t dared bring him through the front door; he didn’t want Mrs. Muroi to see her son in such a stupid state.

He heaved Seishin inside the darkened room, letting him thud to the floor, and stepped up and into the room himself, bringing the door behind him safely shut. The other man was attempting to sit up, and he cast a wary eye on his fruitless actions. It had been a very long time since he’d seen him so drunk – long enough that he’d forgotten how thoroughly obnoxious he could be when so.

How had he gotten so ridiculously hammered? It really wasn’t like him to. And if anyone had been getting drunk lately, it had been Toshio.

Seishin, for his part, knew in some far-off and sober corner of his mind why he had gotten drunk. Or, rather, he would be able to answer it if asked the next day. Dinner had made him nervous; the invitation from Toshio coupled with the knowledge that they were celebrating the signing and presume filing of his divorce papers. So he’d had the sake quickly, trying to give himself some reason to not talk much before the food arrived at the table. On an empty stomach, it had gone right to his head.

“Come on, let’s get you into something else, you can’t sleep in those clothes and your shoes.”

“But I don’t want to sleep!”

Toshio sighed, jerking the bureau drawer open. He pulled out a yukata, and threw it at Seishin’s head, “You’ll be sorry if you don’t.”

“Don’t want to!” He pouted.

The doctor walked back to him, “Don’t tell me I’m gonna have to dress you…”

“Or strip me…” He grinned up, his glasses askew from the trip around the house in the shadowy night.

He ignored the comment, yanked the man’s shirt off, and retrieved the yukata again only to drop it on his head, “I’m sure you can handle the rest.”

“You’re so mean, Toshiooo.” He dragged it out, and Toshio could hear the movement of fabric as he removed the rest of his clothing, reluctantly put the pajamas on.

When he looked back, he felt exasperation flood him, the garment falling off the priest’s left shoulder, the sash loose and poorly-knotted, “Last time I’ll ever take you anywhere…” He moved back to his friend, started to undo the knot to pull the obi tighter, but his back hit the floor before he’d gotten much done, a giggling mass crushing him against the tatami, “Toshio, I could’ve just stayed naked.”

He could smell the alcohol on him, feel the hot breath against his cheek. He gulped, but it was when Seishin licked him that he shoved him back and away, “You’re drunk.”

“No I’m not~”

It was a weirdly seductive voice, unlike how he thought of Seishin as sounding, a bit cloying and with a teasing edge to it. The priest moved back closer to him, and his own arms gave way easily as his neck was nuzzled. It was getting harder to breathe properly, and he could feel himself growing warm, their close proximity working its way under his skin.

“Oh, and what’s this?” There was a smug smile in the voice, and Toshio started as a knee was rubbed against the growing hardness of his crotch. It was soon replaced by a hand, one that had wandered down his side, then slipped over and between his legs.

“Seishin… you’re drunk…” He said, weakly, feeling light-headed himself.

A hot mouth pressed down upon his own, a tongue forcing itself between his lips. He yielded, letting his mouth give way, and breathed a heavy breath out his nostrils. The hand hesitated, and he almost whined, only to realize that his pants were being undone. He was about to break away from Seishin’s mouth, but dropped his head back against the surface instead as he felt fingers against the delicate skin of his bare penis.

When he did end the kiss, it was only because he could no longer focus on it. Seishin nipped at his neck, and he sighed, baring more of his neck. He heard the other man giggle at this, and then he eased off of him, his weight shifting away. Toshio looked up in confusion, was greeted with a mischievous grin, and almost bit his tongue as the hand was replaced with a tongue.

“Sei… Sei…” He tried to reach down to stop him, his breath coming in pants. But he couldn’t, and it dawned on him that he didn’t really want to, either.

Seishin lapped at the head of his cock, before taking it into his mouth, wrapping his tongue against it. A strangled sort of noise echoed from Toshio’s throat. It was pretty clear that it wasn’t something the priest was new to. If anything, it seemed he was quite good at it.

“Seishin…” He sighed it, bringing his right hand to rest in his hair, feeling the movement of his friend’s head through his arm. He spread his legs, trying to grant better access, moaned at the result. Seishin had taken him in completely, his head tilted so he could fit it in.

He was on the edge. The tongue was hot, the mouth was hot, he was hot. He wanted to push his pants down more, pull his shirt up, open the door, something to relieve the heat, anything but having Seishin stop.

It was when the priest returned his attention to the head that Toshio came, forcing a fist against his mouth to muffle the noise, spasming.

And then Seishin was up in his arms again, looking satisfied, his eyes shiny with liquor. He kissed him, and the doctor let him although his own bitterness was on his tongue, feeling shaken.

“Hey, Toshio… we’re having such a good night, aren’t we?” There was the tongue again, against his check again, and his grip around his friend strengthened, “Such a good night….”

Toshio kissed him back.

4 Responses to Happy Endings Are All the Same: Chapter Fourteen

  1. Raph says:

    Ahh, wonderful duo of chapters!

    13 – Kyouko is sort of fucking awesome. I thought you wrote her really well. You captured the quiet intelligence and the teasing edge I felt I saw in her perfectly. I also thought you really encapsulated how the Kyouko-Ozaki relationship would’ve been like, given that we didn’t see much of it. On the down side, this sort of makes the events in that episode feel even more horrible…

    14 – Giggling Muroi! Oh man, couldn’t get that image out of my head. Not so much to say about this, but wonderfully written as always. Nice to see another side of Muroi, as well. And I thought Ozaki was also written in a way that was true to his character; how he behaved here was how I felt he would behave. You know so many of the Shiki characters very well, I think!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I’m pretty allergic to BL in which potential and former female lover interests are depicted as awful human beings, only for the sake of making it seem even more like the two guys should end up together. For one, something shouldn’t need that! It should be able to stand on its own! For another, its so obnoxiously misogynistic it makes me wanna smack people!

      Writing giggly, drunk Muroi was reallllly fun. Ridiculously fun. Stupendously fun. But he gets to spend a good chunk of the next chapter vomiting XD

  2. Caraniel says:

    Porn!! Yay for porn~!

    I do like how, since you have spent so long developing these two, that their relationship’s progression feels quite natural.

    I like your Kyoko too, she does seem like the strong, teasing type & I can definitely see she & Toshio as better friends than lovers.

    Giggling Muroi was brilliant fun! It’s a really pleasant change from sad sack, angsty Muroi (although I’d imagine he’ll be back once Muroi’s hangover kicks in!)

    • adaywithoutme says:

      As I said to raph, writing drunk, giggly Muroi was insanely fun. While I am generally fond of the man and don’t find writing him difficult, it is pleasant to get to write him in higher spirits than usual!
      At the very least, Muroi will be puking a lot next chapter. Hangovers are such a bitch! Maybe some bathroom sex. Probably not. But I can always do a fanfic of my own fanfic wherein there is bathroom sex the next day.
      Also! Thanks for leaving a comment although I know you aren’t feeling hyper-well!

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